We love Korean skincare for constant innovation it brings to the global beauty industry. The most incredible solutions and skincare products are coming from this incredible country. The latest trends are here and you want to hear and want to add them to your routine.

Korean Skincare Trend #1: Cloudless Skin

As the 7 skin method stole your hearts last year this year is all about cloudless and glass skin. Imperfection free, hydrated and glowing skin is what we all striving for.  Check our blog for more tips on getting the clean & cloudless skin.

Korean skincare trend: Cloudless skin

Korean Skincare Trend #2: ANTI-AGE with EGF

EGF stands for epidermal growth factor and is a type of naturally occurring protein molecule found in the skin’s fibroblast cells. It contributes to cell growth, development and healing. As we lose it over time, the skin gets thinner and prone to wrinkles. Thankfully, EGF can be reproduced in a laboratory. 

Korean skincare trend: EGF in Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

Korean Skincare Trend #3: Anti-Pollution & ENvironmental Stressors Products 

This is a hot topic in Korea for years now due to pollution and fine dust coming straight from China. However, Europe has its own issues. London is one of the top polluted cities in the world. Nothing to be proud of… Now, it is time to consider its impact on your skin. There are a number of Korean beauty products to help repair, maintain and protect against pollution. Check our selection here.

Korean skincare trend: ABIB cosmetics

Korean Skincare Trend #4: Skin Barrier Repair

Koreans know that healthy skin is strong skin. Try Real Barrier cosmetics, which through MLE Technology help protect the spectrum of cell types from damage induced by environmental aggressors.

Korean Skincare Trend: Real Barrier

Real Barrier

Korean Skincare Trend #5: Natural Skincare

Is there anything more summery than this amazing facial oil set? Even a bee could not resist and photobomb the session.

More and more people struggle with hypersensitivity. As skin is exposed to a number of stressors during the day, there is a bigger demand for gentle products. Thankfully there are more and more incredible natural cosmetics. Urang cosmetics have a special place in our hearts. They contain only the highest quality and organic ingredients. Simplistic and yet powerful formulas make all the difference.

Korean skincare trend: natural cosmetics Urang

Urang Cosmetics

Korean Skincare Trend #6: Traditional medicine in Skincare

Traditional medicine was used for hundreds of years to heal the body. The Woobo Clinic is responsible for treating thousands of people over 100 years of its existence. The knowledge, especially about skin inflammation, was used in creating Atoclassic cosmetics. Whether your skin suffers from inflammation, redness. acne or sensitivity, Atoclassic cosmetics will be a great remedy.

Korean skincare trend: Atoclassic cosmetics

Atoclassic cosmetics

Korean Skincare Trend #7: all year round Sun Cream protection

We all become more and more aware of the consequences of UV rays on our lives. It is estimated that more than 60% of signs of premature ageing are caused by sun and UV rays. Nowadays we also learn more and more about the negative impact of blue light emitted by our smartphones and laptops. Check our sun cream collection here.

Korean skincare trend: all year round sun protection

Dr G Medi UV Ultra Sun SPF50 PA+++.

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