OUR Story

As someone who has experienced skincare issues caused by allergies in the past, I have always strived to use effective and functional cosmetic products. My passionate journey in obtaining healthy, smooth skin has been full of ups and downs and I have experimented with a vast range of products, from medicines purchased in pharmacies to cosmetics containing only natural ingredients.

As a passionate traveller, I had the chance to visit parts of Asia. One of the most intriguing things I discovered was the amazing skin Asian women have, which inspired me to start my adventure with South Korean cosmetics and the K-Beauty routine.

Research, testing, and an increasing knowledge of the K-Beauty skincare routine resulted in an idea to create Skinsider Cosmetics. A vision to create the very best beauty rituals through skincare products and helping people to improve their skin was the incentive to bring this idea to life.

Alongside my team, I aim to boost your confidence and well-being by addressing some of the long-term skin problems, with solutions for those who are on the quest for younger-looking skin.

In order to ensure our products are perfect, time must be spent on gathering information about ingredients, as well as available solutions, products and innovations that the South Korean market has to offer. We are right in the middle of the action and visit our cosmetic providers to ensure we select only the very best products.

We focus on purpose and functionality of our products, as well as brand awareness and fashion trend. We support brands that are focused on constant improvement, product development, and the natural philosophy. As a result, our products are free from parabens, synthetic dyes, silicone, and sulfates.

Stand strong with your skincare routine and allow Skinsider to help you discover beauty inside.

Karolina and the Skinsider Team

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