Help us make a difference. Become our reviewer!

The panel of reviewers is closed for new applications. Check back soon!

Help us make a difference! Become a member of our panel of reviewers and unwrap the beauty of the Korean skincare with us

We are working very hard to share the love and knowledge about k-beauty with others. Time to ask you for help!

We are looking for people passionate about beauty and skincare who would like to become a member of our panel of reviewers.


We want to create videos about cosmetics and skin care where women and men of different ethnicities, skin types and concerns will be able to see content relevant to them. It is an ambitious plan and it will work only with your help.

 How does it work?

If you are selected for our first panel, You will receive a free product or set of products to test it/them at home. We will ask you to monitor your skin condition (take photos of your skin if we agree this is beneficial)  for a period of 4-8 weeks.
Later on, you will discuss the results and impression of the product/ products or skin routine with other reviewers during a catch up with Skinsider. This date will be agreed upfront. The video and any other materials will be posted on our (Skinsider and K-beauty Unwrapped) social media (IG, FB, Twitter, Youtube) in the form of posts, Instastories, and IGTV.
Of course, if you are an influencer and want to share your findings with your followers, you will be able to post content on your social media as well.

Please note: You have to be willing to come to London and present your review in front of a camera.

Who are we looking for?

Women and men of all ethnicities age 18+ are welcomed.

You do not have to be a blogger to take part in this project. But you have to be crazy about skincare and want to share your opinion about tested products.

Are you interested?

Send us an email at with subject “Panel of Reviewers” and tell us why would you like to become a part of this project and any information you think may be helpful. If you have experience as a reviewer, blogger etc. share your work with us!

Include information about your skin type, skin concerns, and any allergies.

We will meet with shortlisted candidates face to face.

If you like the idea but it is not for you, still share this post on your social media and help us spread the news. We’re recruiting for testers ideally in the London-area to participate in our first trial run. Please note this will be a rolling project and we may be looking for new candidates. Everything depends on the products and their purpose.

Before you apply…

… please ensure you meet all the criteria:

  1. You are committing to participate in the meeting in London on the pre-agreed date and location. Please note: we do not offer any refunds of travel expenses or any other financial incentives.
  2. You agree to share your opinion in front of the camera. The video will be used on our social media channel. All intellectual rights will be the property of Skinsider. Terms and conditions apply.
  3. You agree to commit using the cosmetic/cosmetics at least twice a day for a minimum of 4 weeks (unless agreed otherwise).


This amazing content can be created only with your support, participation and an engagement.

Please note we finalised the recruitment for the first panel!