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Have you heard of skip-care? Our inside to the latest k-beauty trend

Skip-care - latest Korean skincare trend

Korean beauty is well known for making the wonders on the skin. It can consist of as many as 15 steps. Every product nurture the skin. However, famous 10 or 15 steps of the Korean skincare is something barely anyone has time for. No surprise that Koreans, especially millennials started promoting skip-care routine. What is […]

Urban healing: k-beauty skincare for those with busy lifestyle

urban healing with k-beauty skincare

Urban healing is one of the amazing buzz words worth adding to your dictionary. When we entered the k-beauty world we were amazed by the technology, ingredients, and textures of the products. We noticed those inspiring skincare products really work and transform the appearance of the skin. The proactive approach of the k-beauty industry in […]

What is cica and how to add it to your skin care?

K-beauty; Centella asiatica on old wood background

Yes, it is time for another buzzword from K-beauty industry. After peptides, antioxidants that took the skincare industry by the storm, for the last year or so we finally see Centella Asiatica, aka “cica” getting its well-deserved spotlight. Properties of Cica Of course, Centella isn’t a new ingredient. It’s been used in a traditional medicine. […]

Free radicals- what are they and how to tackle them?

Free radicals are buzz words used frequently when pollution and environmental stressors are analysed. Good news is the Korean skin care focuses on the nowadays skin issues and stressors. Therefore, it provides the most successful weapon in a fight with free radicals, antioxidants. What are free radicals? Free radicals are highly unstable molecules. They can […]

“Cloudless Skin,” what is this k-beauty buzz word all about?

Woman in a bed with flawless skin

Cloudless skin is the next hot topic coming straight from Seoul. We have already covered “honey skin,” a K-beauty trend which is focused on a hydrated and healthy complexion. So what is “cloudless skin” and what is different about this new buzzword? Cloudless skin lifestyle According to Korean women, cloudless skin is not a trend just […]

Honey skin: The Korean skin care trend you want to know about

honey skin

Our readers and customers, send us frequently questions about skin care. How to use the products, what treatments and rituals are suitable for their skin type. However, there is also an increasing number of questions around all those buzzy words which can be read or heard more and more. This prompted me to write a […]