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All you need to know about AHA and BHA acids – an inside guide to beautiful skin

AHA and BHA Acids Skinsider

It is time we talked about a new generation of acid exfoliators which are taking beauty market by storm and have hit the mainstream. The acids are the best route to a smooth skin surface and a healthy glow.  We’re often asked which one is better, an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or a BHA (beta […]

Exercise and Korean skincare: how to care for your skin before, during and after a workout

Exercise and Korean skincare: how to care for your skin before, during and after a workout

How is 2019 so far? Did you hit the gym? Started a healthier lifestyle? Or maybe you just continue your workout and routine as usual? Whether you decided to spend more time at the gym or spend more time outside, you may want to take some extra steps to ensure your workouts will not have […]

Breathing Techniques & Skincare

Skinsider Breathing techniques & Skincare

Korean skincare is amazing. We have no doubt about it. Not only skincare products have an impact on the condition of your skin. What you eat and drink, how stressful your life is may have an impact on your skin. Hence, this blog post is about breathing techniques which can use to improve your skin. […]

[K-Beauty Discovered]: Shereen and her journey into discovering k-beauty part 2

Korean skincare: journey into discovering k-beauty

Time to listen to another story about a journey into discovering k-beauty and how it changed another life. Today we continue our conversation with amazing Shereen, @thewayofthesnail, an influencer and like we a k-beauty addict. It is high time we talked about hot topics in k-beauty and latest trends and tips. Hot topics Karolina:  Let’s move […]

[K-Beauty Discovered]: How k-beauty helped me prepare for my wedding – inside guide to bridal skin routine

k-beauty bridal skin routine

Wedding preparations can be stressful and on that one particular day, every bride wants to look perfect. Glowing skin, fresh look is desired and also achievable. We believe it starts with a well-matched skin routine. Today we share our conversation with Sarah Ly (@sarahs_skincare), who shared with us her k-beauty bridal skin routine. Starting my […]

The simplistic k-beauty skin routine 

The simplistic k-beauty skin routine

Are you overwhelmed by the 10-step Korean skincare? Did you read Korean skincare can take up to 14 or 15 steps which petrified you or made you simply say “I can’t be bothered”? No problem. Here is your simplistic k-beauty skin routine. Whether you’re a beginner to the Korean regimen or an expert in skincare, […]

These beauty tricks are perfect for the upcoming colder months

Korean skincare : skincare products near beautiful woman's face. Over white background.

As summer is over, the cooler temperatures and shorter days have an effect on everyone’s skin routines. It is time for some small adjustments. We checked these and they made a massive difference in the skin condition. Depending on the skin type and whatever your skincare preference and skin requirements are, we can help you keep your […]

How to incorporate facial oils in your skin routine?

Korean skincare facial oils

As autumn is here, it is time to incorporate facial oils to the skin routine. When used correctly, facial oils can improve your skin’s texture. They are nourishing& hydrating. K-beauty has a lot to offer in the space of facial oils. Let’s discover the beauty of facial oils together so your skin can make a […]

[INTERVIEW]: Jung Han, Ham, CEO of LAGOM cosmetics on high-quality products which make the skin fundamentally healthy

Lagom cosmetics

During my visits to Seoul, I have a chance to talk to our partners and experts in the k-beauty industry. I find it extremely important to learn as much as possible about the brand before we start new co-operation in Korea. Consequently, we bring the best and most innovative products. We also present beauty trends […]

“Cloudless Skin,” what is this k-beauty buzz word all about?

Woman in a bed with flawless skin

Cloudless skin is the next hot topic coming straight from Seoul. We have already covered “honey skin,” a K-beauty trend which is focused on a hydrated and healthy complexion. So what is “cloudless skin” and what is different about this new buzzword? Cloudless skin lifestyle According to Korean women, cloudless skin is not a trend just […]