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Can Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum Help You Lighten Acne Scars?

Korean skincare Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum

I’m sadly very far from blessed with perfect skin. While my skin condition has changed over the years, the one thing that has remained a consistency with it, is the fact I suffer from hormonal acne and scar quite easily from said acne breakouts. I have a mixture of deep set “pick axe” type scars […]

[Interview]: Natural elegance of Atoclassic cosmetics

New launch means new interview! Today, Atoclassic cosmetics are in our spotlight. During my last visit to Seoul, I had a chance to find out more about the brand and its amazing products. The history of Atoclassic cosmetics Atoclassic cosmetics are unique compared to other Korean skincare brands. I read about the history of the […]

Welcome to the sleeping beauty department

One of the most amazing experiences I had when I started my journey with the Korean skincare was being able to test sleeping packs commonly called sleeping masks. Sleeping masks are one of these beauty miracles that work overnight to help you wake up with more glowing, relaxed and younger looking skin. All of this […]

The 7 Skin Method

k-beauty the 7 skin method

The 7 Skin Method is the latest trend in the Korean skincare. This new toner trick is an amazing hydrating solution that will help even the most dehydrated and dull skin. As you know, toners are used in the skincare routine to provide what we lose during the cleansing process, hydration. They are also boosters […]