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Can Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum Help You Lighten Acne Scars?

Korean skincare Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum

I’m sadly very far from blessed with perfect skin. While my skin condition has changed over the years, the one thing that has remained a consistency with it, is the fact I suffer from hormonal acne and scar quite easily from said acne breakouts. I have a mixture of deep set “pick axe” type scars […]

Urban healing: k-beauty skincare for those with busy lifestyle

urban healing with k-beauty skincare

Urban healing is one of the amazing buzz words worth adding to your dictionary. When we entered the k-beauty world we were amazed by the technology, ingredients, and textures of the products. We noticed those inspiring skincare products really work and transform the appearance of the skin. The proactive approach of the k-beauty industry in […]

When passion creates natural beauty- Interview with Jina Lee, CEO of URANG

I am extremely excited to be able to share with you the first part of my interview with Jina Lee, CEO of URANG, a mother, self- starter, aromatherapist living a holistic lifestyle. She created a Korean skin care line that uses natural and organic ingredients that are safe for the whole family. This brand is a wellness […]

Yay or Nay?- Snail Mucus

Yay or NAY ingredients Snail mucin

We understand that on the constantly changing and extremely competitive beauty market it is extremely hard to keep up to date with all information about products and innovative solutions. Not always is a “noisy” marketing campaign enough evidence and confirmation that a product is suitable. A number of products are sold under “the organic, healthy, […]