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mBeta Glucan- let us introduce you to the next generation of skincare

mBeta Glucan -3rd generation of hydration

It is time to present you the science around mBeta Glucan, the crucial ingredient in Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune. What is mBeta Glucan? mBeta Glucan is derived from a miracle-working mushroom, Schizophyllum commune, known also as the “split-fold” mushroom. The mushroom is found predominantly in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Nigeria and Northeastern India. In […]

All you need to know about AHA and BHA acids – an inside guide to beautiful skin

AHA and BHA Acids Skinsider

It is time we talked about a new generation of acid exfoliators which are taking beauty market by storm and have hit the mainstream. The acids are the best route to a smooth skin surface and a healthy glow.  We’re often asked which one is better, an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or a BHA (beta […]

Exercise and Korean skincare: how to care for your skin before, during and after a workout

Exercise and Korean skincare: how to care for your skin before, during and after a workout

How is 2019 so far? Did you hit the gym? Started a healthier lifestyle? Or maybe you just continue your workout and routine as usual? Whether you decided to spend more time at the gym or spend more time outside, you may want to take some extra steps to ensure your workouts will not have […]

[K-Beauty Discovered]: Shereen and her journey into discovering k-beauty part 2

Korean skincare: journey into discovering k-beauty

Time to listen to another story about a journey into discovering k-beauty and how it changed another life. Today we continue our conversation with amazing Shereen, @thewayofthesnail, an influencer and like we a k-beauty addict. It is high time we talked about hot topics in k-beauty and latest trends and tips. Hot topics Karolina:  Let’s move […]

Why moisture is good for every skin type?

Moisture in the Korean skincare

One of the most visible results of following the k-beauty routine is radiant skin. Daily moisturising is crucial to achieving this desired by many of us goal. For a very long time, we associated moisture and moisturisers with greasy products which create skin problems and should be used only by people with dry skin. Those […]

Urban healing: k-beauty skincare for those with busy lifestyle

urban healing with k-beauty skincare

Urban healing is one of the amazing buzz words worth adding to your dictionary. When we entered the k-beauty world we were amazed by the technology, ingredients, and textures of the products. We noticed those inspiring skincare products really work and transform the appearance of the skin. The proactive approach of the k-beauty industry in […]

[INTERVIEW] Sanghyun Kim, the CEO of ABIB cosmetics, on k-beauty trends

Korean skincare ABIB Cosmetics

During my visits to Seoul, I have a chance to talk to our partners and experts in the k-beauty industry. I find it extremely important to learn as much as possible to start new co-operation in Korea which will result in bringing the best and most innovative products and beauty trends to Europe and provide […]

“Not too little, not too much. Just Right.” How do Lagom cosmetics work?

Korean skincare Lagom cosmetics

When I started Skinsider, my main goal was to bring the best Korean skincare to Europe. Quality beyond anything! Therefore, time is always spent on research and testing. The brand I am about to introduce is the result of long, over one year process and collaboration with Lagom. During this time, we had a chance to […]

Free radicals- what are they and how to tackle them?

Free radicals are buzz words used frequently when pollution and environmental stressors are analysed. Good news is the Korean skin care focuses on the nowadays skin issues and stressors. Therefore, it provides the most successful weapon in a fight with free radicals, antioxidants. What are free radicals? Free radicals are highly unstable molecules. They can […]

Environmental stressors and their effect on the skin

One of the most recent trends in the k-beauty is to address nowadays challenges and environmental stressors which attack our skin on a daily basis. Those stressors are found in our surroundings and can cause irritations, inflammation and lead to discomfort or sickness. That is why a lot of pressure was put to create effective […]