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Why fall is a great time to tackle your dark spots?

Korean skincare for dark spots

Dark spots are this type of skin concern the majority of us will face at some stage. There is a chance you got some dark spots during the summertime. Because of the sun exposure, some old hyperpigmentation might have reappeared as well. The next few months are perfect for you to repair your skin and […]

Urban healing: k-beauty skincare for those with busy lifestyle

urban healing with k-beauty skincare

Urban healing is one of the amazing buzz words worth adding to your dictionary. When we entered the k-beauty world we were amazed by the technology, ingredients, and textures of the products. We noticed those inspiring skincare products really work and transform the appearance of the skin. The proactive approach of the k-beauty industry in […]

Who’s that girl… with a golden sun protection formula?

UV rays damage skin’s cellular DNA, either directly or through the production of free radicals. They create fine lines, sunburns and blemishes, damage collagen and elastin, becoming the main cause for skin’s premature ageing. That is why protecting skin from UV rays is the most crucial step in the Korean skincare routine. Luckily, nowadays we […]