AXIS-Y-61%-Mugwort-Green-Vital-Energy-Complex-Sheet-Mask; Korean skincare product
AXIS-Y-61%-Mugwort-Green-Vital-Energy-Complex-Sheet-Mask; Korean sheet mask

AXIS-Y Green Vital Energy Complex Mask

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AXIS-Y 61% Mugwort Green Vital Energy Complex Sheet Mask is made with plant-based cellulose fiber enriched with 61% of Mugwort extract. The texture delivers a rich moisture feeling without the heaviness and helps the skin control sebum production and reverse skin damage.

Rest assured, there is no artificial coloring involved at all. Green is the natural color of the extracts like Cabbage Leaf Extract, Spinach Leaf Extract, Broccoli Extract along with a large amount of artemisia capillaris extract (61% to be exact). These natural superfood ingredients give the mask’s fiber its green hue.

Other ingredients worth mentioning are:

- Centella Asiatica- Boosts skin healing and soothes the skin

- Cabbage - Helps lower the temperature of skin to soothe inflammation

- Spinach - Contains large amounts of minerals to help the skin absorb nutrients

- Peony Root - Provides antioxidant benefits and aids skin regeneration

- Okra - Moisturizes skin, relieves inflammation, and strengthens skin barrier

- Broccoli - Rich in Vitamin C and E which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation

This formula promotes a firm, but moisturized feeling after use.

We recommend that for those with oily skin, you omit additional skincare steps when using this mask. 

Suitable for all skin types
Good for sensitive, inflamed, and acne-prone skin.


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