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House of HUR

Where skincare meets makeup. As the UK suppliers of House of Hur Korean make up and skincare products, get to know what makes this brand extra special when you shop at Skinsider.

Never heard of House of Hur before? Here are the most common questions the Skinsider family has about House of Hur Korean skincare products.

What makes House of Hur special?

House of Hur is a K-Beauty brand that is combining skincare with makeup. Co-founded by Sunny Dahye, a Korean influencer with roots in Bali, Indonesia, House of Hur draws on her beauty industry expertise from both Korea and Indonesia. The brand focuses on creating skincare and makeup products that accentuate natural beauty. The standout product is the House of HUR Weightless Sun Fluid, a popular choice for its white-cast-free, non-sticky formula, providing SPF 50+ PA++++ UV protection and hydration for a healthy, radiant complexion. All House of Hur products are proudly 100% made in Korea.

Which House of Hur products are the most popular? 

House of HUR Glowy Ampoule Tint is the most famous product developed by the brand. The Glowy Ampule Tint boasts enchanting hues, a nurturing composition, and a luminous gloss. Enhanced with honey extract and a blend of 15 vital vitamins, this tint ensures a vivid, enduring burst of colour accompanied by deep hydration.

Popping some on your lips, the tints help those who seek a subtle makeup and lip protections. We offer this amazing lipstick-balm hybrid in the following shades:

-      Deep Rose

-      Brown Red

-      Dawn Pink

-      Ginger

Can House of Hur help if I have dry skin and still want to wear makeup?

For anyone with major dryness who avoid make up, House of HUR Moist Ampule Blusher will be perfect. Infused with over 50% hydrating essence, it will nourish your skin with a dewy finish for a long time. The groundbreaking formula seamlessly blends an airy, feather-light texture with a hydrating essence mix, delivering your skin a radiant and enduring luminosity. Effortlessly gliding onto your skin with a silky-smooth application and a barely-there sensation.

Are there any House of Hur products I should to keep my skin clear?

When you really want to give skin a helping hand and leave it feeling great, try House of HUR Clearing Skin Prep Essence PadPacked with AHA, BHA, and PHA, our water-based essence effortlessly removes excess sebum, provides gentle peeling without irritation, and delivers a refreshing burst of moisture. Infused with Red Beet extract, it quickly calms sensitive skin, minimizing irritation.

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  • House of HUR

    House of HUR Moist Ampule Blusher

    Elevate your makeup game with House of HUR Moist Ampule Blusher, your key to a radiant, hydrating flush of color. This revolutionary ampoule-type blusher, akin to a skincare essence, gently melds into your skin, delivering a watercolor-like pigmentation...

  • House of HUR

    House of HUR Glowy Ampoule Tint

    Transform your lip game with House of HUR Glowy Ampoule Tint, a celebration of sophistication and personal style. Just as a well-decorated home mirrors the essence of its owner, our Glowy Ampoule Tint captures the refined taste of a confident woman...

  • House of HUR

    House of HUR Clearing Skin Prep Essence Pad

    Unveil your skin's true radiance with the House of HUR Clearing Skin Prep Essence Pad! Your skin's daily battles against environmental stressors like UV rays, temperature swings, and stubborn fine dust demand a powerful solution. Standard cleansing may...

  • House of HUR

    House of HUR Weightless Sun Fluid

    House of HUR Weightless Sun Fluid, is a creamy, yet refreshing Korean sun fluid. This is a game-changer, boasting a remarkable 26% Jeju yuja extract and 19% pure New Zealand honey extract. Say goodbye to heavy, greasy sunscreens and embrace weightless...

  • House of HUR

    House of HUR Brightening Skin Prep Essence Pad

    Are hyperpigmentation spots, uneven skin tone, and blemishes affecting your confidence? Discover the Brightening Skin Prep Essence Pad by House of HUR, your ultimate solution for a brighter and more even complexion. These essence-soaked cotton pads,...