MIXSOON Spot Clean Care Patch; Korean acne patch
MIXSOON Spot Clean Care Patch; Korean pimple patch

MIXSOON Spot Clean Care Patch

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Unveil flawless skin with MIXSOON Spot Clean Care Patch – the secret weapon against stubborn blemishes! As a viral Korean brand renowned for its innovative skincare solutions, Mixsoon created invisible acne patches that work wonders.
These ultra-thin patches seamlessly conceal blemishes while accelerating the healing process, leaving your skin looking clearer and healthier in no time.
With two size options to suit your needs, they provide targeted protection against water and bacteria, preventing further irritation.
Embrace confidence and say hello to smoother, blemish-free skin with MIXSOON's groundbreaking approach to skincare!
Size: [10mm*4ea(15*4)+12mm*2ea(12*2)] Total: 84 patches
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