As the world hit the reset button in 2020, we see that we have to focus on change as individuals and as a company.

At Skinsider we accept our social responsibility towards our society.

We decided to publish this statement to reassure you that we are not ignorant of current events.

We believe the below statement will be evolving over time. It is not a fixed plan but a statement to contribute, improve, and support positive changes to our lives and society.

Although we are a small business, we have an impact on society and also have a responsibility to be a part of the change.

Especially now, communication is important beyond anything.

Thoughts are not words and words are not actions.


The last few days showed we need to listen, learn, challenge ourselves and grow to become better and more responsive.

We had conversations with people from a number of communities including the black community who are hurting enormously and who want our support. We also had internal conversations with our friends, families, business partners.


As a starting point, to support black community we decided to:

1) expand our collaborations and work with more Black creators. The panel of reviewers we launched in 2018 and some of our previous and more recent collaborations were the first step in bringing diversity to the beauty industry through our business. However, we can see we can do more in this space. Hence, we commit to increasing support and diversity among content creators we work with.

2) commit more of our personal time to volunteer at organisations supporting communities in need, and which would benefit from our support

3) offer internship opportunities to people looking to start a career in the beauty industry


We believe supporting equality and diversity is important more than ever.

Hence, we decided to continue the initiatives we started in the past. We hope you will agree with us that every life and story is unique. Everyone has a chance for a better life.

Hence, we will also continue our efforts in supporting women of all races, religions, ages and backgrounds to have equal rights at the workplace and respectful living.

We will promote people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

Our goal is to create a diversified work environment. We will incorporate this in our future plans.

We will work on formalising our activities and expanding them. Why?

Because if our society is diversified and tolerant, it will become more inclusive and fair.


During our 3rd B-Day Celebrations, we decided to officially support two organisations.

Climate change impacts all of us. We were promoting sustainable and eco-friendly beauty and skincare from the day ! Now it is time to support others. Hence, we are extremely excited to officially support Plastic Oceans UK.

In addition, we decided to support is Rosa, the UK fund for women and girls. This foundation supports a diverse range of women’s organisations each working to tackle the issues of our time. Want to find out more? Click here for more details.


We have not used our social media platforms in an effective way. So far our social media were used to present our products and services.

We missed the importance of addressing important topics. This space should be used to address important social topics as well. However, we will use our social media to support initiatives and content creators of all races. We believe that every message and opinion presented in a respectful and constructive way which does not hurt, violate, or shame others can and should be listened.

We will promote people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

This is a process and there are always areas to improve.


This is the moment for us to be united. We invite you to a conversation. This is not a competition, this is not a quick fix but a continuous process of fighting with stereotypes.

We listen, we learn, we are open for discussion and ask you for support in bringing positive and permanent changes.

We are here for You!

Karolina and Skinsider