Tocobo BIFIDA Biome Essence 50ml; Korean face essence
Tocobo BIFIDA Biome Essence 50ml; Korean skin essence
Tocobo BIFIDA Biome Essence 50ml; Korean skincare product

Tocobo BIFIDA Biome Essence 50ml

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Unlock the secret to a fortified and radiant complexion with the Tocobo BIFIDA Biome Essence. This Korean barrier-strengthening essence is your key to skin that's resilient, hydrated, and youthful. Get ready to experience a transformative skincare journey like never before.

Harnessing the power of high-content probiotics, this essence works tirelessly to strengthen your skin's natural barrier. Say goodbye to sensitivity and hello to a fortified complexion that's ready to take on the world. Watch as hydration levels soar, giving your skin a plump and supple appearance. Experience the enhanced elasticity that comes with a fortified barrier, as fine lines and wrinkles fade away.

Tocobo's Bifida Biome Essence is a true powerhouse, carefully formulated with the optimal combination of lactic acid bacteria fermented ingredients. Bifida takes the lead, strengthening the skin barrier, finding the perfect balance for your complexion, and enhancing its elasticity. Lactobacillus steps in to soothe and restore balance, ensuring your skin stays calm and harmonious. And let's not forget about Lactococcus, infusing your skin with vitality and radiance.

Niacinamide floods your skin with moisture, revealing a luminous and radiant complexion that turns heads. Adenosine works its magic, improving skin elasticity and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. Embrace the power of these remarkable ingredients as they rejuvenate your skin and restore its youthful glow.

The Tocobo BIFIDA Biome Essence proudly carries the Cruelty-Free and Vegan certifications.

Size: 50ml

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