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Tocobo Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream; Korean eye cream
Tocobo Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream; Korean eye care

Tocobo Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream

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Elevate your eye care routine with the Tocobo Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream. Experience the power of nature as this lavish eye cream moisturizes, revitalizes, and brightens the delicate skin around your eyes. 

Tocobo's eye gel cream is a true game-changer, enriched with Lavender Flower Water to provide deep hydration and vitality to the eye area. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to nourished, supple skin that glows with health. Experience the embrace of a tight net that locks in rich nutrition and hydration, ensuring your skin receives the care it deserves.

Tocobo Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream is crafted using only vegetable ingredients, making it suitable for even sensitive skin. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a vegan eye cream that cares for your skin's well-being.

The hydrating skin barrier created by our tight net formula activates absorption, preventing moisture loss, and ensuring active ingredients penetrate deeply into your skin. Experience the transformative effects of Vegetable Collagen as it safely helps maintain skin elasticity. Let Retinol (Vitamin A) work its magic, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and leading you on the path to flawless eye-lifting care.

Prepare to be dazzled by the remarkable ingredients in our Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream. With Lavender Flower Water taking center stage, your skin receives 81% of its nourishing benefits. Quartz Water, with its skin-brightening properties, illuminates your eye area, leaving you looking refreshed and radiant. AC Vegetable Collagen PF, with its lifting and moisturizing abilities, revitalizes your skin, while D-Panthenol provides calming and prevents moisture loss.

Take a moment to indulge in a soothing massage around your eye area, as our eye gel cream pampers and nourishes your skin. Embrace the relief and relaxation that comes with caring for this delicate part of your face.

Size: 30ml

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