​Sustainability at the Core: Unveiling Mixsoon's Eco-Friendly DNA

Posted by Skinsider Team on 23rd Apr 2024

​Sustainability at the Core: Unveiling Mixsoon's Eco-Friendly DNA

At the heart of Mixsoon's DNA lies a commitment to minimalism. Insisting on simplicity, Mixsoon prides itself on eliminating any ingredient deemed unnecessary for the skin, focusing solely on core elements that truly benefit your skin's health. With an ingredient-oriented approach, this Korean skincare brand understands that not all ingredients are created equal. Just as the quality of coffee beans affects the taste of your morning brew, the ingredients in skincare products play a crucial role in achieving clean beauty. As we celebrate Earth Week, let’s talk more about this fabulous brand.


Striving for 'Clean Beauty', Mixsoon excludes any ingredient that might cause harm to the skin, ensuring that only essential components are included in its formulations. But Mixsoon's dedication to purity doesn't stop there. The brand continuously innovates eco-friendly packaging solutions, making recycling effortless for its customers. Yet, Mixsoon's commitment to clean beauty extends beyond skincare products. With pioneering environmental campaigns and social initiatives, Mixsoon embraces the ethos of 'acting clean beauty', embodying values of sustainability and social responsibility that resonate beyond skincare routines.

Preserving Potency: Mixsoon's Innovative Skincare Extraction Method

As a leading Korean skincare brand, Mixsoon sets itself apart with its innovative extraction method, prioritizing the preservation of natural ingredients' potency. Through their distinctive 72 Hours High Frequency Low Temperature Extraction process, Mixsoon ensures that the active components of raw materials remain unscathed, maximizing their effectiveness while minimizing the presence of harmful substances. Unlike conventional methods prone to damaging valuable ingredients through high temperatures, Mixsoon's approach utilizes low temperatures and high frequencies to carefully extract the essence of each ingredient over an extended period. Though more time-consuming than hydrothermal extraction, this meticulous method guarantees that Mixsoon's products deliver optimal results, embodying the essence of Korean skincare excellence and harnessing the power of nature in every drop.

Mixsoon's latest eco-friendly innovations

The Bean Essence and Soondy Centella Essence in their even more sustainable versions! With a commitment to reducing environmental impact, Mixsoon has launched these new products packaged in glass containers made from 90% recycled waste glass.

This forward-thinking approach not only showcases Mixsoon's dedication to sustainability but also contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases. By utilizing recycled glass packaging, Mixsoon minimizes carbon dioxide emissions associated with traditional glass production processes, effectively reducing the brand's carbon footprint. Additionally, the switch to eco-friendly packaging helps decrease reliance on carbon dioxide-generating materials, further aligning Mixsoon with its mission to prioritize planet-friendly practices.

With each drop of Bean Essence and Soondy Centella Essence, users not only experience the benefits of premium skincare but also actively participate in the journey towards a cleaner, greener future.

Saving Polar Bears, One Soondy at a Time: Mixsoon's Environmental Mission

Mixsoon's adorable mascot, Soondy, was created with a noble purpose: to raise awareness and protect endangered polar bears. As a brand deeply committed to environmental conservation, Mixsoon understands the urgency of safeguarding vulnerable species like polar bears from the threats of climate change and habitat loss.

With every Mixsoon product adorned with the charming Soondy character, a meaningful contribution is made towards the protection of these majestic creatures. Through a partnership with "Friends on Earth, Environmental Movement Alliance," a portion of the sales from Soondy edition products goes directly towards initiatives aimed at preserving polar bear habitats and promoting their well-being.

Mixsoon invites you to join in these efforts to protect the lives of endangered polar bears. By choosing Mixsoon's Soondy edition products, you're not just enhancing your skincare routine; you're also making a tangible difference in the fight to safeguard our planet's precious wildlife.

Feeding Hope: Mixsoon's Food Support & Village

Development Project

Mixsoon's dedication to social responsibility shines through its Food Support & Village Development Project, aimed at tackling hunger and malnutrition in underserved communities. Partnering with the Binchae Foundation, Mixsoon delivers vital food support, particularly in regions like India and Africa, where malnutrition is prevalent. Through initiatives like distributing Nutri-mix Powder, Mixsoon not only nourishes bodies but also nurtures hope and fosters positive change.

Mixsoon invites you to join in this eco-conscious endeavor and embrace skincare that not only nurtures your skin but also cares for the planet we call home.

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