MARY & MAY aims for natural beauty that captures good and effective ingredients in full disclosure. This lovely K-Beauty brand develops skincare products which are cruelty-free. They can be summed up as a skincare line bursting with ingredients that deliver visible skin improvement effects by combining the best raw materials and technologies.

The brand is transparent in disclosing how much of the ingredients are included in their products to encourage a healthier and smarter consumption. MARY & MAY is a great addition to your skincare routine if you are someone who needs products which can help combat your skin concerns and are eco-friendly.

Let us fill you in on everything there is to know about MARY & MAY, and why their products deserve to be in your skin routine.

What is MARY & MAY?

Mary & May started with the belief that different solutions are needed for different skin types and conditions. Rather than pursuing a standardized model of ideal skin with general, standardized ingredients and products, the Korean skincare brand focuses on individual skin potential. Mary & May studies different skin concerns and proposes a skin care solution tailored to your needs.

Mary & May skin care products are divided by functions, so you can easily choose and use solutions. You can also mix and combine them to address your skin concerns, such as ageing, uneven skin tone, dullness, redness or skin sensitivity.

What makes MARY & MAY Special?

MARY & MAY makes things easy for skincare users. Firstly, functional skin care brand contains a prefect concentration of ingredients for the skincare to be effective. Secondly, they use only top-quality ingredients for the best results.

For example, all serums to choose from according to each unique skin concerns can be easily selected by anyone without professional skin consultation. You can choose the serum that suits your condition each day. You can also layer more than two products to address your skin condition.

Are MARY & MAY skincare products good for ageing and mature skin?

For anyone who is concerned about pre-mature ageing or wants to create skin rituals for mature skin, will find something interesting.

MARY & MAY 6 Peptide Complex Serum combines six peptides into a golden formula to help skin elasticity by restoring and stimulating collagen production. It is a moisture-rich formulation and has been thoughtfully developed so that it is fresh, light, not sticky, but can absorb effective ingredients well.

There is also MARY & MAY Idebenone + Blackberry Complex Serum that contains highly concentrated Idebenone that works in synergy with 20% Blackberry Complex, maximizing the antioxidant effect on skin. The brand blends Acai Berry known as fruit of life, Blueberry and Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry) Fruit Extract and adds Idebenone for more powerful effect.

Two powerful antioxidants that also protect skin from environmental irritation.

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Are MARY & MAY skincare products good for combination, oily and reactive skin?

Yes! The brand has developed core soothing ingredient: DSC™Mary&May’s DSCTM (Derma Soothing Complex) technology that combines the active ingredient from houttuynia cordata. It is rich in quercitrin and tea tree extract which has a natural disinfectant function. It has been confirmed that this composition is effective in reducing the size of pores as well as offering immediate skin soothing effect, external stimulation soothing effect, and redness improvement within after 2 weeks. It can even be applied on sensitive skin.

Composed of active ingredients such as Quercitrin-rich herbal extract and tea tree extract in an optimum ratio, showing excellent effects in soothing skin heat, soothing external stimuli, improving redness, and reducing pore size.

If you’re dealing with problematic skin, adding especially MARY & MAY Houttuynia Cordata +Tea Tree Serum in your daily routine should bring lovely improvements. It is very good at keeping your skin clear and calm.

What ensures MARY & MAY skincare products are free from harmful ingredients?

Our Skinsider team spends a lot of time getting to know what ingredients the major K-Beauty brands use and whether they truly are worth your time. Regarding MARY & MAY, the brand is already giving a full overview of their formulas.

Transparent disclosure of active ingredients’ content, providing ingredient information that anyone can easily understand so that everyone can access professional products.

The Korean skincare products are using natural ingredients and are cruelty-free with no animal testing. We also love the fact that they use eco-friendly packaging too.

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