Isntree Hyper Niacinamide 20 Serum; Korean face serum

Isntree Hyper Niacinamide 20 Serum

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Isntree Hyper Niacinamide 20 Serum is all-in-one serum that combines the power of 20% niacinamide with zinc PCA and arbutin to deliver brightening benefits, while a burst of hydration is provided by ten types of hyaluronic acid. The luscious yet lightweight texture of this serum absorbs swiftly into the skin, leaving behind a smooth and luminous finish.

Niacinamide takes center stage in this serum, with a concentration of 20%. This powerhouse ingredient not only helps to control sebum production, but also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful complexion. Arbutin and zinc PCA further enhance the brightening effects, working to even out skin tone and fade hyperpigmentation for a more uniform and radiant appearance.

To quench your skin's thirst for moisture, this serum is infused with ten layers of hyaluronic acid. This combination of hyaluronic acid molecules of different sizes deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it plump, supple, and intensely moisturized. 

The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula of the Isntree Hyper Niacinamide 20 Serum ensures that it effortlessly melts into the skin, providing instant hydration and leaving behind a refreshing finish. It does not leave any greasy residue, making it suitable for all skin types.

Embrace the power of Isntree Hyper Niacinamide 20 Serum and achieve a glowing and radiant complexion. Say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone as niacinamide and other brightening ingredients work their magic. Indulge your skin with the hydration it craves, and experience the transformative effects of this luscious serum. Let your skin shine with a smooth and luminous finish that radiates confidence.

To use, simply apply an appropriate amount of the serum to your cleansed face and gently pat it into your skin until fully absorbed. Incorporate it into your daily skincare routine for optimal results.

Size: 20ml

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