PLODICA Into the Water-Hole Ampoule; Korean face serum
PLODICA Into the Water-Hole Ampoule; Korean skin serum
PLODICA Into the Water-Hole Ampoule; Korean skincare product

PLODICA Into the Water-hole Ampoule

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Plodica Into the Water-Hole Ampoule takes you on a refreshing journey to revitalize your skin. This highly concentrated formula serves as your hydration oasis, injecting life into your complexion and leaving it plump, refreshed, and exquisitely radiant.

Plodica understands the importance of deep moisturization, and this ampoule has been expertly crafted to do just that. It goes beyond superficial hydration, diving into the depths of your skin to revive and restore its moisture balance.

If you're grappling with dryness, fine lines, or simply seeking a way to reignite your skin's inner radiance, Plodica's Into the Water-Hole Ampoule is your ultimate companion. The carefully curated blend of sea water, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and panthenol forms a dynamic team, working together to create a potent hydrating complex. This complex permeates your skin, delivering enduring moisture and nourishment. The result? A complexion that feels plump, looks refreshed, and exudes a natural, healthy glow.

Your skincare experience shouldn't come at the expense of nature or your well-being. Plodica Into the Water-Hole Ampoule embodies these principles, adhering to a vegan and cruelty-free formulation.

Size: 50ml

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There are no reviews for this product.

There are no reviews for this product.

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