PLODICA Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask

    PLODICA Let Me Soothing Creamy Mask 120ml - Where serenity meets skincare. Designed to provide impeccable care for combination skin, this soothing mask wraps your skin in calmness all day long. With...


    PLODICA Water-Bag Barrier Cream

    Meet your ally for nourished and radiant skin—Plodica Water-Bag Barrier Cream. It's not just a facial moisturizer; it's a commitment to clean and vegan beauty, carefully crafted with the...

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    PLODICA Always Youth Cream

    Discover the extraordinary with PLODICA Always Youth Cream. This unique formulation harnesses a profound power to delve deep into your skin, delivering a much-needed surge of hydration and...


    PLODICA Youth Up Ampoule

    PLODICA Youth Up Ampoule is a Korean face serum that is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the pursuit of youthful, radiant skin. This extraordinary ampoule is a product of precision and...


    PLODICA Into the Water-hole Ampoule

    Plodica Into the Water-Hole Ampoule takes you on a refreshing journey to revitalize your skin. This highly concentrated formula serves as your hydration oasis, injecting life into your complexion...


    PLODICA Re:wake Moist Treatment

    Indulge in a luxurious skincare experience with Plodica Re:wake Moist Treatment. This clean and vegan toner boasts a light and radiant texture while providing intense hydration and rejuvenation for...


    PLODICA Refresh Clear Pad

    Experience the soothing and refreshing touch of PLODICA Refresh Clear Pads (70 Pads). These vegan Korean exfoliating face pads are here to elevate your skincare routine. With Nelumbo Nucifera callus...


    PLODICA Phyto Bubble Relief Foam 150ml

    Experience the gentle yet powerful cleansing of Plodica Phyto Bubble Relief Foam – your ultimate solution for sensitive and troubled skin. This unique cleanser is crafted to deliver a deep and...


    PLODICA Good To Refreshing Cleansing Oil

    Experience the refreshing and sustainable cleansing with PLODICA Good To Refreshing Cleansing Oil. This powerful Korean botanical-based cleansing oil effectively removes buildup from pores, while...