Ampoules, a Bootcamp for your Skin

23rd Feb 2018

Ampoules, a Bootcamp for your Skin

On the back of our recent blog on the most popular products within Korean skincare, we received a number of questions on how to add ampoule into your skincare routine.

Despite any myths you might have heard, Korean beauty regimen is one of the most flexible ones. This means some of the products can compensate for one another. Ampoules are one of those products that can be used in a number of ways.

So here they are, our detailed recommendations on this Korean skin product and ways how to use it:

#1 Ampoule instead of serum

Both ampoules and serums are designed to penetrate efficiently into the skin and deliver a concentrated dose of beneficial ingredients. If you need a quicker way to finish your morning routine then use ampoule straight after cleansing and toning. Follow straight after with a moisturizer to seal the ingredients from the ampoule inside your skin. Your skin will receive a concentrated dose of ingredients and you will save time!

#2 As a skin supercharging product used 2-3 times a week

Each ampoule is a booster which contains a number of active ingredients. It can be applied two or three times a week to recharge your skin. Use a few drops then a serum and finish with a moisturiser. The order you use ampoule with serum depends on the texture of the products. Always apply the lightweight product first and then move to a thicker texture.

texture of an ampoule presented on a skin

#3 A few drops in your cream

Ampoules are designed to provide a number of properties. Among these are anti-ageing, hydrating and nourishing properties. Two drops added into a moisturiser will again speed up your Korean skin routine and apply the products and provide the glow.

#4 Glow generation

A perfect solution for dry skin. Intrigued? If you mix two drops of an ampoule with your BB cream or foundation, you will avoid getting your skin to dry out during the day. Instead, you will give your skin a brightening highlighter to even the dullest skin.

How do you use ampoules in your skincare routine?