Anti-Ageing Properties & Advanced Technology

1st Apr 2018

Anti-Ageing Properties & Advanced Technology

With age, collagen in skin deteriorates and skin loses its firmness. The repeated facial expressions settling in and you start noticing fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead and neck. This process can be accelerated by stress, pollution, UV rays, eating habits.

There are great advanced solutions that can tackle the signs of ageing. I would like to introduce you to is Dr G Actifirm Real Lifting.

Meet Dr G Actifirm family

This extraordinary anti-ageing line that provides fundamental care for skin enduring loss of resilience and volume due to genetic, environmental, and physical ageing. Actifirm and Eternal-P are two patented ingredients to significantly improve elasticity focusing on recharging cell energy, skin-fit lifting, via micro-delivery technology, visibly improving sagging skin, and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. G Actifirm Real Lifting

Dr G Actifirm Real Lifting

Special formulas and ingredients- the power of science

Dr G Actifirm Real Lifting line is specially formulated to provide a fundamental care for elasticity.

Cell Energy Skin-Fit Lifting Solution consist of 3 elements:

  1. Actifirm Cell Energy- Vegetable stem cell activators provide a fundamental care for elasticity.
  2. Skin-Fit lifting- this stage focuses on bringing elasticity, volume & moisture to the skin.
  3. Micro-delivery- which is a stable and safe delivery of active components.

Antarcticine is a marine cosmetic active derived from the Antarctic. It is a glycoprotein that improves skin by rejuvenation by targeting the natural regeneration process. It boosts collagen production, increases elasticity and adds hydrating volume.

Dr G Actifirm Real Lifting Cream

Phellinus linteus extracts bring moisture and hydrolyzed collagen which is an elastic fibre inside skin improves elasticity.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of the product line

One of the most intriguing rituals from Asia is facial massage. Especially Korean and Japanese women learn how to perform massage to improve blood pressure and ensure the cosmetics they are using are effectively absorbed.

Few tips on performing facial massage straight from Dr G:

Dr G Massage Technique

Few tips on performing eye massage:

Dr G Eye Massage Technique