Blossom Jeju, Natural Korean Skincare Products

27th Oct 2017

Blossom Jeju, Natural Korean Skincare Products

We are extremely excited to introduce you to Blossom Jeju, an amazing brand created by Sungna Kima, a female entrepreneur passionate about skincare.

Beginning of the brand

The Blossom Jeju cosmetics take their origin from the largest volcanic Island in South Korea, Jeju Island.
 Legendary for its extraordinary ecosystem, the island is home to nourishing ingredients, which for centuries have been praised for their healing and enhancing properties.

Sungna, the creator of the Blossom Jeju brand, is a nature-loving girl, born and raised on Jeju Island. As a small girl, she learnt from her mother about the power of natural ingredients. When she grew up, she decided to use her knowledge of nature-grown raw materials and created a unique skincare product range. Her mission is to improve skincare around the world by launching products which combine natural ingredients with cutting edge technology.

Sungna’s 3 main goals are:

  • for her cosmetics to be pure and natural, using the finest quality ingredients which are processed as little as possible
  • to support natural beauty
  • to support the Jeju environment and local communities through charity and community events

Secret ingredient- the amazing power of Camellia Japonica Oil

A flagship ingredient of Blossom Jeju cosmetics is Camellia Japonica Oil. This famous botanical oil is made from winter-blooming flowers of camellia, which for centuries have been providing Korean women with glowing skin. They have been harvesting camellia for centuries and used it as their secret to youthful looking skin.

The camellia oil itself has, apart from naturally-occurring antioxidants, one of the highest levels of healthy, fatty omega-9 acid. It contains vitamin A, D and E which help to keep skin healthy and firm. All these extraordinary ingredients make Blossom Jeju cosmetics amazing, natural, anti- ageing products.

Blossom Jeju product lines

There are 3 main Blossom Jeju product lines:

  • PINK CAMELLIA SOOMBI- which in direct translation means “breathable skin”. This line is infused with camellia flower water for glow and optimal moisture. Thanks to Pink Label’s Hyaluronic acid the skin’s moisture content is improved and the skin barrier is strengthened. The cosmetics provide an antioxidant defence against free-radicals and reduce inflammation.
  • CAMELLIA SOOMBI was created for deep repair and rejuvenation. The Camellia Soombi Gold Label contains Liposome skin delivery technology which stimulates collagen production. This line has incredible anti-ageing properties.
  • Blossom Jeju sheet masks, these offer a special 2-step treatment that delivers nourishing, brightening or lifting properties. Each sheet mask delivers a fresh, dewy glow and keeps your skin healthy. In pouch 1 of the sheet mask, you will find camellia seed oil which prepares the skin to deeply absorb the serum from pouch 2.

Oriental green formula

All Blossom Jeju products contain the “oriental green” formula. This unique cooling formula is based on the oriental therapy. It reduces the skin’s temperature and leaves you with a stronger and healthier skin barrier.

Source: Blossom Jeju

The products contain oriental herbs including:

  • Angelica which contains antioxidants and vitamins
  • Scullcap which for over 2,000 years has been used in treating acne, eczema and even psoriasis
  • Footi Root – which has rejuvenating properties and helps to detoxify the body
  • Licorice root, also called “the king of natural medicines”, which prevents hyperpigmentation

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