A Quick K-Beauty Skin Routine to Survive the Heat

12th Jul 2018

A Quick K-Beauty Skin Routine to Survive the Heat

Hydration, hydration, hydration! This is what the Korean skincare is all about. Each step of the skin routine focuses on nourishing skin and providing humectants which will keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Surprisingly, it is not that simple to keep the skin balanced and nicely hydrated. As the heat is here we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. All of a sudden dry patches start appearing on the face which requires soothing and the right skincare. Recently we received a number of questions about the best moisturising and hydrating routine during summer that will be fast and limited to only a few products. Therefore, on top of the k-beauty summer essentials, in this post, we give you some extra inspiration on a quick skin routine.


It is always recommended to use only lukewarm water for washing the face. Using direct hot water on the skin impacts natural oils of the skin and disturbs retaining the moisture. Use the cleansers with light texture such as Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser.

Toner therapy

Hydrating toners are overlooked by many in Western countries but not by the Korean women. For glowing and hydrated skin, they use toners. They help reduce pores, hydrate and prepare the skin for the next products to be applied.


Hydrate your skin with a hydrating sheet mask at least twice a week. This will not only help in hydrating the skin but also in removing excess of oils and other impurities. This is a must-do to improve the appearance of your skin.

Korean skincare Blossom Jeju sheet masks

Blossom Jeju sheet masks


Right moisturiser is the key to skin hydration. During the summer, you should look for moisturizers which are water-based instead of oil-based. Here are some of our suggestions:

Product lines perfect for the summer

Dr. G Aquasis Line

If your skin is oily or combination, this line will be perfect for you!
Aquasis Line contains Aqua Soothing Water™ formula which enhances moisture levels for more than 48 hours. All the products from the Aquasis line guarantee a professional level of skincare for anyone who struggles with tightened and irritated skin and excessive dead cells that clog pores.

Korean skincare Dr. G Aquasis Line

Dr. G Aquasis Line

For the thirsty dry skin, we have another solution.

Dr. G Hydra Intensive Line

Hydra Intensive line was created for skin which is constantly thirsty and needs special treatment without creating a greasy cast. It contains 6 natural moisturising factors (NMF) and moisturises rough and dry skin from the first step of your skincare routine. The products within this line will fight dryness of inner and outer skin.

Dr. G Hydra Intensive Line

Dr. G Hydra Intensive Line


Yes, every morning apply a sun cream, even if the day is not too sunny. Even sun creams or BB creams can hydrate the skin.

Dr. G Medi UV Ultra Sun SPF50 PA+++

Dr. G Medi UV Ultra Sun SPF50 PA+++