Environmental Stressors & their Effect on the Skin

4th May 2018

Environmental Stressors & their Effect on the Skin

One of the most recent trends in the k-beauty is to address nowadays challenges and environmental stressors which attack our skin on a daily basis. Those stressors are found in our surroundings and can cause irritations, inflammation and lead to discomfort or sickness. That is why a lot of pressure was put to create effective Korean skincare products which are designed to limit or eliminate the negative impact of environmental stressors.

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Environmental Stressors and their effect

Among of the most common environmental stressors there are:

  • Chemical pollution– As you spend time outdoors, especially in major cities, your skin is constantly attacked by free radicals. Therefore, you should invest into a cleansers which remove free radicals, antioxidants which will reduce the risk of premature ageing & ceramides that will keep your skin barrier protected.
  • UV rays– Photo-ageing is already well known issue. Using SPF &makeup with SPF is important. If you ask any dermatologist, they will tell you that using sun cream every day is the best anti-ageing treatment you can give your skin.
  • LED light– studies have shown that LED light generated by smartphones, ipads, PCs and TVs has a negative impact on the skin and can create a premature ageing. Skin protection is crucial. Good news is that there are more and more products which target LED light issue.
  • Extreme temperatures– Sometimes temperatures indoors significantly differ from the outdoors temperatures. During summer, the temperature in the office is around 20 degrees while outdoors you will be facing direct sun exposure and heat. Your skin can become dry and sensitive.
  • Work related stress– Stress is a big enemy of the skin. Cortisol that is being released while you are under pressure causes pre-mature ageing and also create breakouts and acne. Hydrate the skin and use products rich in antioxidants to prevent ageing. If your skin experiences breakout and acne, you will need powerful products which will not be harsh on your skin.


So what can you do?

Protect– As your skin is attacked on a daily basis by environmental stressors, you have to protect it. Pollution (ie. free radicals) work the same way as UV rays. There is more and more scientific studies that free radicals can make permanent changes to your DNA and even cause cancer. Invest into your morning skin routine. Use products such as serums rich in antioxidants. Finish your morning skincare with high SPF.

Dr. G Medi UV Ultra Sun Up

Dr. G Medi UV Ultra Sun

During the day use mists like Real Barrier Essence Mist that you can apply even over your makeup to give your skin an immediate moisture which your skin may loose in air conditioned office. Reapply sun cream every few hours to ensure your skin is constantly protected.

If you know, your skin will be exposed to heat, use Dr. G Aquasis products that have cooling effect.

Cleanse– Wash your face as soon as you get home. Do not let the makeup, sweat and free radicals to stay on your face. Look for gentle cleansers that don’t damage the skin barrier. Cleansing always should be followed with a hydrating toner.

Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Repair and maintain– pollution can destroy lipid skin barrier, ie. skin’s natural lipid layer. This can drive to dryness, sensitivity and more complicated skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis. You can strengthen your skin using ceramide rich cosmetics. Try cosmetics from Real Barrier which will be perfect for skin that feels dry and irritated.

You know your skin will be exposed to hot weather? It is worth cooling down the temperature of your skin by using Dr. G Aquasis line.

If your skin experiences breakouts, use products that will not destroy your skin barrier. Check Dr. G A-Clear cosmetics.

Dr. G Aquasis Water Vital Sleeping Mask

Dr. G Aquasis Water Vital Sleeping Mask

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