How to Keep the Skin on Your Neck Tighter & Smoother

Posted by Skinsider Team on 21st Nov 2020

How to Keep the Skin on Your Neck Tighter & Smoother

What can I do to prevent neck wrinkles? This is one of the most frequent questions we receive from you. And here are our tips and take on this topic.

What causes neck sagging?

The skin on your neck is more delicate than you think. It is thinner, making it more prone to ageing than other parts of the body. What is worse, cumulative sun exposure over time has always been the main reason of premature ageing on the neck.

Fewer sebaceous glands mean also less moisture. The neck lacks sebaceous glands, which in general makes the skin dryer compared to the skin on your face.

How to keep skin on your neck tighter and smoother

Do I need to use different products on my neck?

In general, you don’t need a whole new routine. We recommend using the same products on the face and neck. This includes SPF. Just remember that the skin is thinner and therefore more delicate.

You can apply thicker and richer textures without worrying that the skin will break out. Keep this area as moisturised and nourished as possible. This will ensure that your skin will enjoy the everyday application of your sun cream.

What ingredients and products should I use?

First of all, be vigilant about dryness. Focus on cosmetics that plump and hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid or beta-glucan are a good choice.

For anti-ageing properties think about those products that contain antioxidants, peptides, and ingredients that will stimulate collagen and boost elasticity.

Beauty of Joseon & SKINSIDER Plump Skin Set
Beauty of Joseon & SKINSIDER Plump Skin Set

If you tackle pigmentation, vitamin C serum will be your go-to product.

However, be careful with skincare which contains retinol or AHAs as these may irritate the skin and create dryness.

Is sunscreen that crucial?

Over time, the skin on the neck develops signs of photodamage—brown spots, mottled pigmentation, broken capillaries or lines. Use SPF on your neck every day. Even on cloudy days. SPF is important. UVA can still penetrate through windows and cause damage to the skin.

How should I apply skin products?

While applying skincare, your motions should be light and gentle, always sweeping upwards, never downwards. This way you are preventing the skin from being pulled or stretched.

Application of skincare products

What is “tech neck”?

Tech neck refers to wrinkles that are created by looking down at your computer or phone for long periods of time. Looking downwards at a device (mobile or laptop, keyboard) causes fine lines and wrinkles to form as the skin becomes consistently creased. Try to bring your cell phone up towards your face.

What are your tips and skin rituals you want to share?