Interview with Aqulabo on Finding Your Inner Peace

1st May 2020

Interview with Aqulabo on Finding Your Inner Peace

During our last visit to Seoul last November, we had a chance to learn more about Aqulabo. This incredible brand from the K-beauty world is stealing more and more hearts. We are extremely excited to launch it at Skinsider.

Here is your inside information to Aqulabo.

Finding your inner peace with Aqulabo
Aqulabo logo

The story of Aqulabo

Karolina: How long has it been since you started the company and launched the brand?

Jamie: We started the company in 2018 and launched the brand at same year.

Karolina: What were your reasons for, approach to, and philosophy on launching the cosmetics?

Jamie: Our brand is inspired by yoga and meditation.

All members are yoga and meditation enthusiasts, and I have also been doing yoga for more than a decade. I was able to get away from the small diseases (likewise Atopic dermatitis, irritable bowel syndrome)that constantly bothered me while doing yoga and meditation for a long time. Then I started to believe in the natural healing power of my body.

Aqulabo cosmetics
Aqulabo cosmetics

Karolina: How does this transfer to skincare?

Jamie: I think our skin is the same. If the skin is managed with natural substances that help it heal naturally and empty well, the skin’s own regenerative ability will be maximized.

The people of modern civilization seem to be in a state of over-nourishment. The same goes for skin. In fact, in order to accept more nourishment, we have to empty it out first. So Aqulabo focused on how to empty excess nutrients and how to restore skin self-regeneration.

Our product package is simple, and the ingredients are only made up of natural ingredients that are valid and essential. Therefore I can say our product is close to minimalism.

 New  Add to Wishlist Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist
New Add to Wishlist Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist


Karolina: What is the most important feature of your cosmetics?

Jamie: We focus on removing skin pollution and relieving accumulated stress on the skin to maximize the skin’s own regenerative ability.

Karolina: How does your brand differ from Western brands?

Jamie: We use oriental ingredients such as lotus flowers, Omija (magnolia berry), tea leaves, etc. Products are made using natural substances written in old Oriental medical books.

Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist
Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist

Karolina: What is the biggest skin concern nowadays?

Jamie: As I mentioned before, I think the problem is too much nutrition and pollution. Not only does the skin disease caused by makeup residue and urban pollution, but skin trouble often occurs because the skin cannot breathe due to too much nutrition.

Karolina: How do your cosmetics tackle this/ these issue/s?

Jamie: Aqulabo is developing products to effectively remove residual pollutants from the skin.

Aqulabo Vinyasa Calimg Serum (50ml)
Aqulabo Vinyasa Calimg Serum (50ml)

Future plans for Aqulabo

Karolina: In which direction is the company/ brand going? What are your plans for next 3-5 years?

Jamie: We want to develop products that effectively remove pollutants and excess nutrients left on our skin and make customer feel happy when using our products

Ultimately, I want to grow into such a brand which customer can practice happy emptiness while using our products.

Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist
Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist

Karolina: What are the new products we can expect? What will be their purpose?

Jamie: Now we are preparing a cleanser.

Karolina: How do you want customers to remember your brand?

Jamie: I hope it will be remembered as a brand with not only containing Oriental wisdom and philosophy, but also being high-technology skincare product.

Find your inner peace and shop Aqulabo here.