Interview with ID.AZ, a New Beauty Saviour for Ageing Skin?

17th Mar 2019

Interview with ID.AZ, a New Beauty Saviour for Ageing Skin?

ID.AZ cosmetics are one of our new additions. We caught up with Tony Kim, Global Sale Team Manager to give you a little bit more inside on the brand and the derma cosmetics. Say hello to ID.AZ and lift your senses with the brand!

ID.AZ brand and it’s strategy

Karolina: Tony thank you for finding time to talk about your brand. Let’s start with a little bit of history. How long has it been since the company was established?

Tony: Idplacosmetics has been established in 2008. We started to study various cosmetic raw material and research composition.

ID.AZ cosmetics at Skinsider

Karolina: That sounds like starting the brand from challenging existing solutions. Can you tell us more about this?

Tony: Of course. Dr Park who established Idplacosmetics is a plastic surgeon. In his job, he has met a lot of patients. Everyone wanted to have charming and pretty face. However, they were afraid of having a surgery, spending time and money. 100 out of 90, people have gave up because of how other people think about having plastic surgery. So the founder thought about what will it be to improve people appearance without having surgery. The answer was to start making cosmetics.

Karolina: This is what probably every woman and men wants to hear. What were the next steps?

Tony: ID hospital consists about 50 professional medical staffs, and continuing research and development.

Dr Park, Founder of ID.AZ cosmetics

ID.AZ products

Karolina: What makes your brand different compared to Europe brand?

Tony: ID hospital cosmetics are combining a plastic surgery effect with cosmetics, not merely to create cosmetics for healthy skin, but to create “placosmetics” which help to moderate the appearance. We are the pioneer of making new concept of “placosmetics” and this is something that cannot be found in European brands.

Id.AZ Sleeping mask at Skinsider

Karolina: What is the biggest skin concern of modern world?

Tony: We cannot have young skin by only managing healthy, sensitive and clean skin. Knowing personal skin type and preventing your skin from inflammation and dryness is different compared to sagging faces. When you look at babies, you can see that there are no shades among them.

Karolina: Agreed. But how does your cosmetics solve these problems?

Tony: Face without shade makes baby face, adding volume where needed, curvation where lines go in.

First, plus manages to provide immediate volume and wrinkle reduction effect to deep, under eye and subtle eye wrinkles. The ingredients that are used are same as filler injection but safer.

Minus care provides immediate lifting and contouring effects with same ingredients as fat splitting injection in double chin, bull dog flesh that has been stuck and stretched.

ID. AZ at Skinsider
Photo source: Nordstrom

Karolina: How long does it takes to see cosmetics effect?

Tony: Depending on the product, it can slightly be different, but mostly after 2 weeks you can notice improvement and the difference.

Future of ID.AZ

Karolina: In what direction is your company / brand moving? What are you plans for the next 3-5 years?

Tony: Id is the Global Beauty mecca, where we have people visiting us from 100 different countries. We are moving toward a goal of being a leading brand of plus minus placosmetics.

ID.AZ Face Fit Lifting Cream at Skinsider
ID.AZ Face Fit Lifting Cream at Skinsider

Karolina: What new products can we expect? What are the goals of the new cosmetic product?

Tony: Our goal is to continuously develop cosmetics that can keep harmony and balance to show volume where needed and to show curvation where line goes in.

Karolina: How would you like your brand to be remembered to customers?

Tony: Cosmetic that makes them beautiful.

Karolina: Tony, thank you for finding time to give us an inside to the ID.AZ world.

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