Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula

18th Jan 2019

Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula

There is no better way of presenting the brand than to ask its creator to talk about it. Here is our interview with Michael Yu, the CEO of Wish Formula. My first meeting with Michael was one of the most relaxed conversations I have ever had with a CEO. Despite, having it almost a year ago, I remember how this approachable and amazingly chilled out man has a strong passion for skincare and true sense of humour.

History of Wish Formula

Karolina: Michael, thank you for finding time to talk to us. Let’s start with a little bit of history. How long has it been since you started the company and launched the Wish Formula brand?

Michael: We established the company in 2006. We started selling functional cosmetics mainly in dermatology hospitals.

Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula
Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula


Karolina: What were your reasons for, approach to, and philosophy on launching cosmetics?

Michael: In 1987 I majored in Biochemistry and started working at a famous cosmetic raw material company. I had a chance to learn about raw materials in Korea and abroad, work on the creation of great cosmetics. In addition, I met the researchers of domestic major cosmetics companies and participated in creating new cosmetics. Since 2006, we have developed cosmeceutical products to help people with skin problems. In particular, products tackling acne and wrinkles, a moisturizing line and whitening (ie. brightening products).

Korean skincare: IWish Formula Ampoule Pad-C

Karolina: What is the most important feature of Wish Formula cosmetics?

Michael: Simplicity and effectiveness. Modern people have a very busy and stressful lifestyle and do not like to invest a lot of time to anything. Our cosmetics are designed to make skin routine easier, simpler and more economical for people of all ages. They are for modern, busy people who experience skin issues. Now they can lightly rub various products fused with functional pads without having to go to a clinic or a professional skin care room. This is a new concept of high-performing cosmetics.

Karolina: Sounds great, can you tell us a little bit more?

Michael: Of course. Our cosmetics are recognized as effective cosmetics for a long time in Professional Market (B2B market) such as dermatology hospital and professional skin saloons. However, with time I decided to develop Home Spa cosmetics for those who can not visit specialists due to economic problems or time constraints. The goal was for anyone to have easy and simple access to skin care at economical cost anytime, anywhere.

Korean skincare: Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula

Karolina: I think this is the trend around the world. People are taking care of their skin at their homes.

Michael: Exactly. Once again, our cosmetics are highly functional fusion cosmetics that combine functional pads (peeling pads, ampoule pads) with various skin care programs. Major items include filling pad series and ampoule pad series.

Karolina: In this case how does your brand differ from Western brands?

Michael: The level of beauty treatment and esthetics in Korean dermatolog hospital is at the highest level in the world. Wish Formula is a brand that has been loved in the professional market for more than 10 years. Our cosmetics are based on fermentation. They are functional cosmetics developed to be gentle for your skin, hypoactive and which provide a maximum effect.

Wish Formula C200 Bubble Peeling Pad For Face

Nowadays skin concerns

Karolina: What is/ are the biggest skin concern/ s nowadays?

Michael: I think these are environmental pollution and stress. They can occur in various forms such as acne, an increase of keratin and ageing.

Karolina: How do Wish Formula tackle these issues?

Michael: It is best to prevent the consequences of environmental pollution which cause skin problems. Hence, we recommend using deep cleansing and peeling products (step 1) that clean the contaminated skin. It is worth cleaning the skin and using the ampoule pad products containing high functional ingredients (step 2). It is easier than ever to perform perfect skin care. If you put it together, you can remove dirt and impurities and add high-performance nutrition, regeneration and moisturizing ingredients in two steps.

Korean skincare: Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula
Korean skincare: Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula

Karolina: How long does it usually take to see the results and benefits of cosmetics?

Michael: Our cosmetics are more effective than others, so you will usually get the desired effect in one to two weeks. Certain products have a certain effect even if they are used only once or twice.


Karolina: In which direction is the company/ brand going? What are your plans for the next 3-5 years?

Michael: The upcoming future will become increasingly more uncertain, dangerous, and invisible to many. Because of the impact on the environment and climate change, people will prefer products that are safer, hygienic, simple, effective, and easily disposable. These features have a big meaning for people living in South Korea, UK, USA, Japan and other countries. Therefore, our company and brand have been developing new custom-made disposable high-functional cosmetics and combined functional pad + skin care program to meet the expectation of customers.

Karolina: It is so great to hear it from you. When I started Skinsider, it was my main goal to make as many things recyclable and reduce usage of plastic to a bare minimum. We fully support the brand who present the same vision.

Michael: Yes, this is important. We want to develop innovative cosmetics that can manage skin easily, conveniently, and economically.

Korean skincare: Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula
Korean skincare: Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula

For example, people with acne will have one peeling pad + one ampoule pad for acne + a moisturizer, and one programmed amphora pad to help you manage acne yourself.

The main areas of the research and development direction of all products are: fermentation, natural extract, program, convergence, unique(Fun), innovation.

Karolina: Sounds amazing. What are the new products we can expect? What will be their purpose?

Michael: We will develop customized program cosmetics for problematic skin. I would like to create a Self-care Home Spa product line that allows people with all skin problems to do their own skin care programme. I want to help them to increase their life satisfaction and maintain a healthy life.

Korean skincare: Interview with Michael Yu, CEO of Wish Formula

The vision

Karolina: How do you want customers to remember your brand?

Michael: Modern people are overwhelmed by a flood of information. I hate long and boring images. Our brand aims to be easy to understand and affordable for everyone.

Simply, lightly shrug it off at a great deal of cost so you can have the skin care you want.

You can use it conveniently because it is a product ready to use.

In the market, it is more convenient to communicate the function and effects of the product.

Easy to judge and buy.

In conclusion, our brand is aimed at Simple Use But Multi-Function Effect.

Anyone can become a professional skin care professional using our custom disposable pad products.

Wish Formula = Your Skin Specialist

Karolina: Michael, thank you so much for your time. All the best in fulfilling your mission.

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