Interview with Isaac Han, the Creator of Sioris Cosmetics

13th Aug 2019

Interview with Isaac Han, the Creator of Sioris Cosmetics

I had a chance to meet the CEO of Sioris, Isaac Han at the Green Allure in 2018. It took us a while to test these amazing products and bring them to the UK. However, they are here and now its time we introduced to you a man who created the brand.

History of Sioris

Karolina: How long has it been since you started the company and launched the brand?

Isaac: I started the company in 2016 and launched Sioris in November 2017.

Karolina: Why name Sioris?

Isaac: Sioris is the compound word of ‘Simple’ and ‘Original’. To fulfill the purpose of a clean cosmetic, we have delivered energy on its natural state simply.

Isaac Han, CEO of Sioris
Isaac Han, CEO of Sioris

Philosophy of the brand

Karolina: What were your reasons to launch the cosmetics?

Isaac: I was fascinated by organic cosmetics from Europe and Australia when I work for a cosmetic company in 2010. I really love their brand story and attitude for nature. I learnt that organic cosmetics mean not only using organic ingredients but also caring for people and nature.

I’d like to make a clean beauty brand who use fresh ingredients farmed in Korea. Using local ingredients can reduce synthetic preservatives and give a high percentage of nutrients into the skin.

I am very interested in sustainability. We are always looking for eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.

Sioris at Green Allure, Seoul 2018
Sioris at Green Allure, Seoul 2018

Features of the Sioris cosmetics

Karolina: What is the most important feature of your cosmetics?

Isaac: I can say that it is the freshness. We use seasonal and organic fruits and plants farmed in Korea instead of aqua(water).

Karolina: How does your brand differ from other brands?

Isaac: We check the manufacturing date of every ingredient because ingredients also have shelf life until 3 years. We try to use fresh ingredients manufactured in 1 year. To do that, we reduced concept ingredients and buy the ingredients directly from manufacturers.

And we use effective ingredients up to 10% and write down the percentage of amount transparently. We believe that the right amount of ingredients have a great impact on the skin.

Packaging of Sioris Running Out of Time Mist
Packaging of Sioris Running Out of Time Mist

Skin concerns vs the skincare

Karolina: What is/ are the biggest skin concern/ s nowadays.

Isaac: Our products are focused on sensitive and troubled skin.

Karolina: How do your cosmetics tackle this issue?

Isaac: Most of our products are made with natural origin ingredients and tested for skin irritation. And we keep studying and researching what nutrients from plants would be effective for the skin concern. From 2018, we are cooperation with Jeju national university to research about the benefits of Jeju plants.

Sioris Running Out of Time Mist
Sioris Running Out of Time Mist

Karolina: How long does it usually take to see the results and benefits of cosmetics?

Isaac: I personally don’t believe that cosmetics can change the ageing process dramatically. Most of the skin concerns are caused by not only the outside environment but also inside conditions such as foods, sleep, and stress. But I believe that the nutrients from plants can give good benefits to our skin. I think our role is to make the best use of natural ingredients and pass them into our skin simply.

It is hard to say about the duration because everyone has different skin conditions. If you see the reviews written by our customers, they are satisfied with the low irritation, healthy glow, and skin texture.

Isaac about skincare

Karolina: What are two skincare must-have products everyone should have in their everyday skincare?

Isaac: Good cleanser and moisturizer.

SIoris Cleansing Gel
Sioris Cleansing Gel

Karolina: If you were asked to give one advice on skincare, what would it be?

Isaac: If you have some skin concerns, I recommend to use a low acidic cleanser. It removes the dirt and makeup keeping the skin barrier. Then you only need a toner and moisturizer.

Upcoming products

Karolina: In which direction is the company/ brand going? What are your plans for the next 3-5 years?

Isaac: There are still unknown plants and ingredients in Korea. We will keep looking for the benefits of local plants and researching the extracting methods. We hope we can have a local farm and R&D center in Jeju island in near future.

Texture of SIoris Cleansing Gel
The texture of Sioris Cleansing Gel

Karolina: What are the new products we can expect? What will be their purpose?

Isaac: We recently launched a physical sunscreen without silicones and will launch a new sheet mask in August. I was hesitating to make sheet masks because of the disposable plastic pouches. But we developed an eco-friendly paper pouch with a packaging company. This new sheet mask is full of local fresh plants which have many vitamins.

Karolina: How do you want customers to remember your brand?

Isaac: A fresh & clean cosmetics who care about every ingredient.

Karolina: Thank you for your time. All the best in developing the brand and making the planet greener.