K-Beauty Innovations We Have Thanks to the Korean Beauty Industry

27th Dec 2018

K-Beauty Innovations We Have Thanks to the Korean Beauty Industry

South Korea have been setting up foundations and trends in the beauty industry for a long time. If there’s a new buzzword or trend in the skincare and beauty industry, there’s a very high chance it comes from South Korea. This influence has an impact not only on beauty brands from other Asian countries but Western big beauty houses as well. We are asked very often what are the beauty innovations, we have thanks to the Korean beauty industry. Here are the top 7 k-beauty innovations we should say thank you to South Korean companies.

K-beauty innovation #1: Light textures

Korean skincare is all about layering the products. The famous ten-step Korean skincare routine was created based on the assumption we will be layering the products one after another. Korean women believe that products should be applied in order. Cosmetics with the lightest consistency are used first and then they are followed by the heavier products. Skincare routine is split into steps and consistency of products: skin preparation, regeneration, hydration and protection. The purpose of layering is to enable the skin to absorb all the ingredients from the products without creating a greasy film on the skin and enable the skin to breathe.

Korean skincare texture

K-beauty innovation #2: Ingredients

Yes, Korean cosmetics will bring into your skin routine some ingredients which you have never heard of. Snail mucin or Centella Asiatica are just two to be named. Some of the brands which use traditional medicine will use also traditional, chinese herbs to reduce any form of inflammation. The list of ingredients is endless and the goal is only one: to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

This is not all. Some of the technological solutions are worth mentioning. From Aqualicia to the fermentation process, you will find technology and solutions which allow ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

Korean beauty innovations ingredients

K-beauty innovation #3: Exfoliators for Sensitive Skin

Home SPA has been brought to a new level with facial exfoliators. They are effective and yet gentle on your skin. They improve dead skin turnover allowing your skin to breathe and absorb other cosmetics easily.

K-beauty innovation #4: Essences

This step in Korean skincare is now being copied by Western companies. Not to be confused with toners, essences are designed to provide moisture in a concentrated liquid form and are being now followed by the Western brands.

k-beauty innovation essence
k-beauty innovation essence

K-beauty innovation #5: Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are those products which are famous for their properties in providing an instant boost to the skin. The trend of using a different type of sheet masks is very popular. They generate dewy glow.

BK-beauty innovation sheet mask
BK-beauty innovation sheet mask

K-beauty innovation #6: BB Creams

Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Do you apply makeup every morning? Have you had a chance to use BB cream? The first BB cream was invented in Germany but was actually South Korea that used the idea to create a non-clogging, moisturisers who provide a full sun protection and coverage. The moisturiser with SPF and extra foundation was designed to combine skincare benefits with extra coverage.

K-beauty innovation #7: Sleeping beauty through a sleeping masks

A sleeping mask was designed to tackle dehydrated and dull skin. It’s usually gel-type texture is light and non-clogging.
Packed with active ingredients, our sleeping masks stay on your skin all night, so your skin can absorb the hydration and repair itself while you sleep.