K-Beauty Unwrapped With Jina Lee, Interview Part 1

12th Oct 2018

K-Beauty Unwrapped With Jina Lee, Interview Part 1

Aromatherapy is a big topic nowadays. During our first K-Beauty Unwrapped masterclass in London with Jina Lee, CEO of URANG shared with us her story of becoming an aromatherapist and then progressing into a female entrepreneur of Urang cosmetics. Urang is becoming a global brand and we are extremely excited we can be a part of this journey. Here is the first part of our the interview which focuses on aromatherapy. I shared this interview with Zarah @seoulfull_star.

Becoming an Aromatherapist

Karolina: You are such a young brand. Brands come and go but the phenomenon of Urang is rising. You had an amazing marketing campaign in the US. Everyone talks about the products, their ingredients, and the impact they have on the skin.

Repeat business is high. I can confirm that! People come back and shop for the same products and add new to their routine. Your journey, however, starts with aromatherapy. What was the reason you became an aromatherapist?

Jina Lee: I am sure you will want to become an aromatherapist if you get the chance to experience or learn the power of plants and essential oils. At first, it was just my curiosity to learn more about plants and aromas and I was so intrigued at the depth of it as I got to know more about it. If I were to be a doctor, I would have used it in my medical practice, just like doctors in France or would have done studies to reveal the magic they can do for our body.

Many people actually think only of it usually as a ‘fragrance.’ or it’s ability to support to heal the mind.

And it is true, but it is only a part of aromatherapy. Aroma essential oils smell wonderful for most of the part, but like the wording indicates it is an aroma and a therapy->so it means it gives therapeutic properties.

Beauty of Aromatherapy

Karolina: in this case, what is so remarkable about essential oils?

Jina Lee: Plants are so miraculous. They store essences or aroma oils in different parts, in their glandular hair, epidermal cells, secretory cavity, and ducts, oil cells. Why? It is just part of their normal life to survive. Plants have distinct self-healing active agents to naturally heal and protect themselves from external harm like bugs or parasites. That is why almost all of the essential oils are remarkable in antiseptic, antivirus, etc.

You will probably want to know more too if you get to know it. Aromatherapy is now part of my life. I think I’m a much better person with it. I get so much energy from it.

Korean skincare Jina Lee on aromatherapy

Zarah: Has natural and organic skincare always been part of your life or was there a moment you decided you needed to go down this route?

Jina Lee: Well everything adds up altogether. I was just like every girl who liked to try different cosmetics who used to go to the department stores to buy cosmetics. I really liked that place, trying out and buying things. But at some point, 9-10 years ago, I got to realize that there were many harmful ingredients that go into the cosmetics that I was using. That is when I changed everything to natural and organic. I literally used up to more than $1500 a month to find the right one.

Essential Oils

Zarah: What are your favorite essential oils?

Jina Lee: I actually love so many of them.

I love rose, helichrysum, lavender, neroli, eucalyptus, and tea tree especially.

You probably know many of them already.

Zarah: What is so amazing about aromatherapy and essential oils?

I love rose, helichrysum, lavender, and neroli because they have such a nice smell but they are also very good essential oils which have so many good properties. Like I said before since essential oils are made to protect and heal itself they are mostly antibiotics and antiseptic. They differ by the strength though. These four are oils are especially known to do good for the skin and health so I really love them. These oils, however, must be taken with care. you have to be careful if you are a pregnant woman or when you use any of these with babies or younger children. They are not toxic but should be used in care. Actually, all essential oils should be used in care. As I said they are concentrates of so many plant parts or flowers so they are powerful.

Eucalyptus is especially good when you have cold-related symptoms such as clogged nose or problems with breathing. I also give eucalyptus with my children when they have a cold. What you can do is you put warm to hot water and put 1-2 drops of Eucalyptus oil in the oil and mix it. You inhale the vapor of it. You can put 1-2 drops of Eucalyptus oil into the warm water and wet a towel. Squizz out the water and put near the nose and inhale it. This will help you.

Or you can blend Eucalyptus with several other essential oils with carrier oils like jojoba oil and massage the oils into the chest area.

You may know the amazing properties of tea tree oil. It is great for acne prone skin and I use it when I have acne. However, this oil does much more. It significantly induces growth inhibition of cancer cells, reduces inflammation. I actually saw my friend being cured for athlete’s foot due to tea tree’s antifungal functions.

Korean skincare; Jina Lee, CEo of Urang on aromatherapy

How to use essential oils?

Zarah: What is a simple way to incorporate Aromatherapy for someone who does not have much knowledge about it

Jina Lee: So like I said earlier, aromatherapy is something very strong. It’s a concentrate of so many plant parts or flowers. For example, you get only 1kg of rose from 4tons of rose petals. You get only 1kg of helichrysum from 1 ton of helichrysum. So it is very powerful in a good and bad way as well. Some essential oils could be even lethal, therefore, it is very important to use safe essential oils. You should also be cautious even with safe essential oils as well. Also, you should be very careful to use essential oils for babies or younger children. As they are powerful agents, it should never be used solo. Always must be used with carrier oils or some kind to dilute it with.

So let’s start with something really easy. I usually tell people to have lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil at home. It can be handy.

Or you can visit a store near to you and see what kind of essential oils they have, get the information and pick the one you like. But remember there are many grades so it is wise to choose the therapeutic grade and if it is too cheap it is probably not pure essential oils.

Korean skincare; Jina Lee, CEo of Urang on aromatherapy

Lavender essential oil is usually something you can get easily and almost every aromatherapist love it. Actually, this is one of the oils you can use solo though so if are stressed out and cannot sleep put 1-2 drops of it in your temple area and rub it slowly. Also, lavender is also good for your skin so you can use it to your face, but this time diluted with carrier oils. So put like 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil in 100ml carrier oils like jojoba oil-It is very easy to get carrier oils like jojoba oils, so the best way is to dilute the essential oils of your choice with the jojoba or other carrier oils. Inhaling also helps you maintain your mood or mind.

For Eucalyptus oil like I said it is very helpful when you have a cold so put 1-2 drops of Eucalyptus oil into the warm water and wet a towel->squizz out the water and put near the nose and inhale it. Or you can just put 1-2 drops of it into hot water and inhale the steam.

Or you can blend Eucalyptus with several other essential oils like lavender or juniper berry oils with carrier oils like jojoba oil and massage the oils into the chest area.

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