Our Followers’ Tips to Survive Colder Days

18th Dec 2019

Our Followers’ Tips to Survive Colder Days

We love to hear from our loyal customers and followers about their skin routine. Today we are sharing some of the tips they shared on our social media on how they survive colder days.

It’s all about bringing the skin moisture

Micah (@mcxfernandez): For colder days I make sure I stay moisturized and hydrated! I usually use soothing aloe vera gel moisturizer to still keep the dewy look during the cold days, steaming my face also helps to let my skin and pores breathe and lots and lots of water! Keep glowing!

Eleena (@eleena_emma): I like to put on a thicker moisturizer and use a facial oil.

Eliz (@elizsuffolk): Exfoliate twice a week and moisturise twice a day.

Melinda (@more.than.passion): Using rich hydrating face cream, lip balm, and hand cream when I’m going outside. Plus having my morning and night daily skincare routine

Texture of a moisturiser

@feral_saki): My winter tip is to put 2 layers of moisturiser. Wait for the 1st layer to completely sink in, and then if necessary follow with a hydrating mist, like one from @sioris_official or @joshrosebrook, then push the mist into my skin with gentle pressing motions, following with another layer of moisturiser on top, and also press it into the skin. Wake up with a plump and baby soft skin.

Isabel Maria ( @isabelmari_a ): Skincare tip for colder days? Several layers of hydrating serum and a nice thick moisturiser before going to bed!

Nicola (nlondors): Get out the oils for deeper moisturisation, I also apply lip balm before bed.

Urang S.O.S. Multi Balm
Urang S.O.S. Multi Balm

Lips need some TLC

Fiona (@faithfromhope): Skincare tip for winter, definitely use lip balm and hand cream (stop the skin cracking).

(l@lucidream73): For winter I use always a body cream, a lip balm and hand cream.

What about the eyes?

Monika (moniasobieraj): Always use a high moisturising eye cream to make sure your skin around eyes stay hydrated throughout the heating season.

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Texture
Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Texture

SPF all year round

Matt(@men_skincare): Winter tip: Wear sunscreen regardless!!

Homemade skincare

Homemade tricks

Ilona: using the homemade masks for wrinkles with garlic, honey, arginine, and water. It makes a miracle.

Sway (@msschow): Check the humidity in your house and place a humidifier next to your bed if necessary.

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