Our Dos & Don’ts on How to Use Sheet Masks

6th Oct 2017

Our Dos & Don’ts on How to Use Sheet Masks

Sheet masks probably are the best-known signature products in Korean skincare. It is an amazing way to improve your skin in a short period of time. In most cases, sheet masks are a combination of advanced technical solutions & the most effective but also natural ingredients. No surprise that they are becoming more and more popular among Western customers. However, to get the best out of these beauty boosters, it is important to follow the instructions and use them properly. In this post, we will provide you with our dos and don’ts on how to select and use sheet masks.


Don’t ignore the current needs of your skin. Just because your skin is generally oily or combination, doesn’t mean that it cannot become dehydrated or irritated.

Do choose a sheet mask based on your current skin condition. If your skin is irritated, you will want to soothe it and eliminate redness. A calming sheet mask will provide you with the necessary ingredients to address this problem. If your skin is losing its firmness and glow, choose a sheet mask that offers firming, anti-ageing and brightening properties. Do you struggle with dull skin that may have some sun spots after your summer holidays? Use a sheet mask that provides a brightening and moisturizing effect.

Remember, you want to improve your skin!

As a result, don’t ignore the ingredients list. Always check the ingredients high up on the ingredient list and see if these focus on the issue you want to target. For example, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and other humectants will be hydrating your skin. Calming and soothing masks will contain ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, and propolis. At the same time, brightening sheet masks will have Vitamin B3 also known as niacinamide, botanical ingredients like Centella Asiatica and natural herbal oils.

However, a sheet mask is not only about ingredients but also the material it is made of. We strongly recommend using 100% cotton so your skin can breathe.

Korean skincare sheet mask

Sheet mask


Don’t apply sheet masks over makeup, sunscreen or moisturiser – your face has to be clean. Using sheet masks on makeup can clog up pores and create inflammation and skin breakouts.

Do apply your sheet mask on a freshly cleansed face. Wash your face and neck, use a toner to rebalance pH of your skin, then as an optional step use an essence or serum and then apply a sheet mask. This routine will allow your skin to absorb all the amazing ingredients.

A sheet mask works with 10 steps of Korean skincare as follows:

Korean skincare Spa at home. Woman in bathroom is applying facial sheet mask

Sheet mask


Don’t apply your sheet mask with the plastic film still on. Some sheet masks have an extra separating layer/ film in the package to prevent it from sticking together. If you apply your sheet mask with the extra film on your face, its rough surface can create micro injuries to your skin and create irritation.

Do take off the plastic film from the sheet mask before applying it on your face. This will allow you to adjust the mask easily to the shape of your face.

Extra tips:

  • If you have skin that absorbs easily put your sheet mask in the fridge for few minutes. When you apply it, it will provide an extra cooling effect.
  • After you apply a sheet mask on your face, pull it up gently by its corners. Longer term, this will give an amazing lifting effect.

Korean skincare Woman is applying sheet mask on her face

Sheet mask experience


Don’t throw away the packaging until you use the remaining essence left inside.

Do apply the remaining essence on your clean neck and décolletage.


Don’t spend too much time with your sheet mask on. If the sheet mask starts drying out it means all the nutrients and moisture of the essence your skin has just received is being absorbed back by the dry sheet mask.

Avoid this reverse osmosis, as keeping a sheet mask on your skin longer than instructed may actually make it worse. Ensure you remove it while it still has some moisture left. Also, make sure you don’t fall asleep while wearing your sheet mask!

Do use the sheet mask as per instructions on the packaging. Those sheet masks were tested in labs to check how much time you should wear them to get the most out of them.

Extra tip:

  • Want to test our latest trick? Our sheet masks are very rich in essence. As they are double sided you can flip your mask over when you’re in the middle of your treatment. This will allow you to enjoy a fresh dose of essence again. This may be really helpful for anyone with sensitive skin which is prone to irritation. Let us know if you tried this before!

Korean skincare sheet mask

Sheet mask experience


Don’t wash your face after removing the sheet mask. This would remove all the ingredients and moisture your skin just absorbed.

Do pat in the remaining essence into the skin or massage your face, neck, and décolletage.

Extra tip:

  • When you take off your sheet mask you can still use the cotton material and apply it to some dry patches on your body, eg. dry elbows. Keep it on for a few minutes to see amazing results.


Don’t assume that the sheet mask is the last step of your skincare.

Do continue with your usual skincare routine: eye creammoisturiser.

A moisturiser will lock the essence from the sheet mask in your skin and seal in all the amazing ingredients preventing them from evaporating.

tips from the expert; Korean skincare Urang cosmetics



Don’t forget about sunscreen. If you want to use sheet masks in your morning routine, ensure you apply sunscreen on your skin at the end. Some of the sheet masks can contain ingredients that may irritate your skin if it’s exposed to the sun.

Do protect your skin. We promote using sunscreen on a daily basis all year round. That is why we are using this opportunity to highlight again the amazing anti-ageing and protective properties of sunscreen which sheet masks do not provide.


Sheet masks were designed to be used daily. However, we don’t recommend using the same mask every day of the week.

Do create a routine of different sheet masks based on your skin condition.

One day apply a nourishing mask, next day use a vitamin mask. After that, you may want to use an anti-ageing mask to improve any fine lines and follow with a hydrating mask the next day.

Rule number one is: always look at your skin and monitor its condition.

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