The 7 Skin Korean Skincare Method

12th Jul 2017

The 7 Skin Korean Skincare Method

The 7 Skin Method is the latest trend in the Korean skincare.

This new toner trick is an amazing hydrating solution that will help even the most dehydrated and dull skin.

As you know, toners are used in the skincare routine to provide what we lose during the cleansing process, hydration. They are also boosters for the upcoming products in your routine.

But what exactly does the 7 Skin Method mean?

The 7 Skin Method is quite a recent skincare treatment, becoming widely known in summer 2016. It provides the optimal balance of hydration and firmness to the skin, and is a multi-application toner technique during which up to 7 layers of your toner are applied one after another and patted in to the skin. As one layer is placed on the face and patted, it is immediately followed by another.

As a result, this technique is an efficient and effective way to bring the same hydration that creams and oils provide.

What to avoid?

As the 7 Skin Method is all about hydration we suggest you avoid toners which:

– are part of an all in one product (cleanser and toner in one), as cleansing properties will have alkaline pH and will dehydrate the skin

– contain synthetic fragrances & alcohol (also listed as ethanol or ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol and benzyl alcohol) in the ingredient list

– have a high level of witch hazel. As witch hazel plays an anti-bacterial function, it is perfect for toning the face by applying one layer. However, applying a number of layers may cause irritation

– have active ingredients such as acids

– have citric extracts if you’re planning to use this as part of your morning routine, as they can make your skin sensitive to the sun

So what to use?

Use toners with a light, watery texture. Essence like toners are perfect for this skincare routine.

Our selection of mind blowing toners is presented below:


Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

This amazing toner is formulated with plant extracts and balances the skin’s pH level by nourishing, fighting inflammation and hydrating the skin.

This product contains humectants and plant extracts that aim to soothe and repair the skin. It is packed with centella asiatica and licorice root extract which play anti- inflammatory role. This toner has a watery consistency and is the perfect product for the 7 Skin Method.


Dr. G Aquasis Moisture Toner

The toner contains Aqua Soothing WaterTM formula which enhances moisture retention for more than 48 hours. This moisture boosting toner purifies the skin, promotes skin circulation for clear skin tone and helps the absorption of your next product.

Abyssine, aloe vera and madecassoside calm redness and care for dead skin cells to make the skin smoother. This good hydration solution prevents the creation of fine lines and wrinkles.


Pour a 50p size amount of the product onto your palms. Warm it in your hands to increase the temperature of the product and apply to the U-zone (cheeks and chin) and then to the T-zone (forehead, nose and mouth). Don’t forget about patting some of the product into your neck. If you apply this product according to the above it will mean that the most dry skin on your cheeks and chin will receive the most of the product and you will also protect the T-zone from an excessive amount of toner. Repeat up to 7 times.

There is no wait time between the layers as the 50p sized amount quickly absorbs into the skin with patting action. This means that your skincare routine will be longer by a minute at most.

Finding your ideal number of layers

Starting with three layers being applied on your skin, and as the skin gets used to the process, work up to seven layers. Most skin types are going to “drink” seven layers right up. However, if you find it is too much stick to fewer applications.

What results to expect?

If you use hydrating toner, you will see an immediate result. Your skin will be glowing. It will feel tighter, and look firmer and healthier.

The 7 Skin Method will allow you to skip the essence step immediately.

Next steps after the 7 Skin Method are as follows:

– Especially during hot summer days, your skin does not need a lot of moisture. As a result, during your morning routine you may move straight to sunscreen and makeup.

– When the weather is dry, especially dry skin will appreciate an oil-based moisturiser to lock the hydration all day.

-If you perform the method during your evening skin regimen, apply a night cream to lock the hydration in.

– During cold winter days, we suggest to use this method to tackle irritated skin caused by dry air from central heating. However, use the 7 Skin Method during your night routine.