The Simplistic K-Beauty Skin Routine

25th Oct 2018

The Simplistic K-Beauty Skin Routine

Are you overwhelmed by the 10-step Korean skincare? Did you read Korean skincare can take up to 14 or 15 steps which petrified you or made you simply say “I can’t be bothered”? No problem. Here is your simplistic k-beauty skin routine.

Whether you’re a beginner to the Korean regimen or an expert in skincare, you may want to check this k-beauty routine designed for people with a busy lifestyle or looking for a simplistic approach to k-beauty. Focus on these few steps and use them consistently to obtain the results you’re looking for.

The simplistic k-beauty skin routine

The crucial steps of k-beauty to follow are:

Step 1: Cleanser

You might have read about the importance of cleansing. Cleansing, double cleansing, triple cleansing routine are constantly appearing and you should not be surprised why. Clean skin is the basis of the effective skin routine. If the skin is not clean it will not be able to absorb all great ingredients from serums. We fell in love in our cleansers.

Korean skincare LAgomCellus Micro Foam Cleanser

Lagom Cellus Micro Foam Cleanser

Step 2: Hydrating Toner

Finally, hydrating toners are finding their place in our hearts. They are important in balancing pH of the skin after the cleansing.

Korean cosmetics Klairs Supple Unscented Preparation Toner

Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

Step 3: Eye Cream

If you want to avoid dark circles, treat a delicate skin around the eyes or address already existing problems, you will need an eye cream. Why? The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and therefore it requires even more gentle and true caring approach.

Korean skincare Urang SOS Multi Balm

Urang SOS MultiBalm

Step 4: Essence, Serum or Facial Oil

Essences are one of those wonders which were developed in South Korea. The concentrated hydrating formula will keep your skin healthy and fresh. Use essences with active ingredients wisely. These should not be used every day.

If you need stronger serums/ ampoules or facial oils. They will help you target specific skin conditions and have more concentrated formulas with powerful ingredients.

Korean Skincare Atoclassic Soothing Essence

Atoclassic Real Tonic Soothing Origin Essence

Step 5: Moisturiser/ SPF

Moisturiser is a perfect sealing cosmetics which will lock all the ingredients in your skin.

Korean skincare Abib cosmetics

ABIB cosmetics

Every morning it is crucial to apply a sun cream. Korean sun creams are gentle for the skin and have very light texture. Oily and combination skin types can use for example facial oil and move straight to SPF without applying moisturizer. This, of course, will be different to individual skin needs.

Korean skincare Lagom cosmetics

Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF50+ PA+++

Spend your few minutes for skin routine wisely.