Setting Skincare Resolutions for 2020

30th Dec 2019

Setting Skincare Resolutions for 2020

As 2020 quickly approaches it is time to set some skincare resolutions for the coming year. It is a great time to reflect on the past year and even in the last decade. A lot has changed in the skincare and beauty industry. We have our skincare goals which we are planning to start or are devoted to continuing. This is what we are planning to do and want to inspire you to reflect on.

Review Your Skincare Routine

We always encourage our customers not to get overwhelmed with the number of products they use and keep in their bathroom cupboards. Our suggestion is to double-check the expiry date and the shelf life after opening each product you already have.

Get rid of the things that aren’t really working for you or were opened for a while.

skincare resolutions for 2020
Skincare Resolutions for 2020

Double Cleanse Every Night

Double cleansing is probably the best skin ritual from the Korean skincare. An oil-based cleanser or balm is a brilliant way to remove the makeup and dirt. This followed by water-based cleanser will make your skin clean and fresh.

Extra tip: wash off your makeup straight after you are back home. Do not wait until the evening.

Exfoliate Once a Week

Make a commitment to yourself to exfoliate once a week. This can be adjusted depending on skin needs.

For something more brightening, the Urang Clarifying Blue mask leaves skin looking glowy and healthy, and to remove your dead skin, check one of our exfoliators.

Skincare resolutions: Exfoliate
Skincare resolutions: Exfoliate

Start appreciating the power of Essences

Essences and their purpose are often misunderstood. Essences offer a base layer of hydration to help the rest of your skincare products work better.

We love the COSRX Advanced Snail Essence. It makes the skin feeling unbelievably soft and plump. It is suitable for all skin types. And despite its unique texture it can be used on acne-prone and very sensitive skin. But there is much more to discover.

Be wise with the actives

Do your homework. If you are using actives, you do not want to over-exfoliate your skin. If you exfoliate your skin, skip any active ingredients with the same brightening and peeling effect on that day, this includes retinol or Vitamin C.

Skincare Resolutions for 2020
Skincare Resolutions for 2020

Do not forget about Your Neck and Hands

Take care of your face and hands the same way as you are taking care of your face.

We recommend applying the same skincare products on your neck and hands that you do on your face.

Use Sunscreen Every Single Day

Regardless of the weather, whether it is cold, or hot, sunny or rainy, daily SPF is an absolute must. Not only does it protect your skin from disease, but it also helps slow down signs of ageing. In our offer, you will find some amazing and awarding winning sun gels and sun creams.

Get the most of your sleep

You should get as much beauty sleep as possible. No matter what your sleeping patterns are, make sure you’re effectively using this time to help your skin recover. We love sleeping packs that support skin cell renewal & hydration. We all want to wake up with a hydrated, healthy skin and have a fresh look all day.

Do not squeeze the pimples!

Yes, we all have bad moments. And usually, when you really need your skin to perform well, it misbehaves. Still, squeezing the imperfection will create even more damage to your skin and will expose it in its fullest and worst image.

Stash us on the SOS treatments such as COSRX pimple patches which will help you to protect the skin and reduce the risk of you squeezing any pimple.

skincare resolutions for 2020
Skincare Resolutions for 2020

Go See a Dermatologist

It is recommended you see a dermatologist at least once a year. Your body, including skin, is changing over time. This means your skin can react differently to your favourite products and ingredients.

Seeing a specialist not only allows one to do a check-up and ensure there are no cancerous changes but also helps to eliminate anything that creates skin irritation.

Have your home spa moment

Having your moment to unwind and enjoy the beauty rituals. Whether it means you have a hot bath or enjoy sheet masking on a couch watching Netflix, give yourself 10-20 minutes of “you-time”.