K-Beauty Skincare for those with a Busy Lifestyle

21st Sep 2018

K-Beauty Skincare for those with a Busy Lifestyle

Urban healing is one of the amazing buzz words worth adding to your dictionary.

When we entered the k-beauty world we were amazed by the technology, ingredients, and textures of the products. We noticed those inspiring skincare products really work and transform the appearance of the skin. The proactive approach of the k-beauty industry in creating formulas allows now to address almost immediately new skin concerns and also provide better and more innovative approach to tackle the existing ones.

As the times are changing and pollution, global warming, and other environmental stressors are the topics which are appearing very frequently in the news. However, there is still too little information in the western media about the negative impact of those stressors on the skin. Thankfully, the k-beauty industry is ahead of the game. Urban healing takes already place in South Korea and now we are bringing it to the UK. We all are affected by the busy lifestyle and therefore we believe everyone will be able to find something for themselves in the below recommendations.

#1 Urban healing with a minimal and crucial number of ingredients – Abib

Korean skincare ABIB

ABIB cosmetics

Abib signifies the philosophy and dedication of the brand to the perfection and purity of their products. We love this brand for its focus on developing products to help our skin, ravaged by pollution and other stimuli. The cosmetics nurture its power to recover back to its original, immaculate state. If you are looking for a powerful cosmetics line with minimalistic packaging, this brand is exactly what you are looking for.

Sanghyun Kim, CEO of ABIB cosmetics described his brand as follows: “The products are developed to fulfill their key functions. Skincare products such as moisturizing cream, serum, mask packs etc. focus on penetrating the active ingredients of the products deep into the skin. Cleansing products were developed through a lot of trial and error to eliminate the elements that cause irritation to the skin while maximizing the cleansing potential. […] Abib’s slogan is “in its integrity”. Our focus is on each individual’s natural beauty.”

#2 Urban healing with organic ingredients and essential oils – Urang

Korean skincare Urang cosmetics

Urang cosmetics

We love this k-beauty brand for natural and organic ingredients.

Jina Lee, CEO of Urang explains her brand as follow: “My brand started for myself and my family so setting-up the values high such as using safe ingredients, using the best ingredients or searching for the best ingredients. These are the most important things for me. I literally go overseas to search for the best ingredients if I have to. This resulted in me going to Bulgaria to find the Rosewater and rose essential oil. I also went all the way to Italy into the mountains to find the helichrysum essential oil. I use it, my family uses it so my expectations and values are high. My philosophy is that ingredients say all about my products. If you have the highest quality ingredients, then you will have the high-quality products. I could never deceive our customers.”

#3 Urban healing with skin barrier Real Barrier

Korean skincare Real Barrier

Real Barrier cosmetics

There are many reasons for the sensitive skin. Therefore, we wanted to make sure we have Real Barrier cosmetics in our offer. The brand is a product line for sensitive skin types. It features breakthrough MLE technology, hyaluronic acid and patented dual ceramides. These ingredients hydrate and comfort skin. The strong skin barrier is a basis for healthy skin. Real Barrier’s goal is to repair, support and protect the skin’s natural barrier. This is accomplished by eliminating ingredients known to be harmful to the dry and sensitive skin.

#4 Urban healing with herbal medicine – Atoclassic

We love this brand for its tradition and history in healing skin issues. Woobo has been exclusively conducting research on the skin over three generations for the past 100 years. People with various skin problems related to sensitivity were using the cosmetics and this was the beginning of the birth of the current ‘Woobo ATOCLASSIC.’

ATOCLASSIC’s philosophy is simple. It aims to make the healthiest cosmetics based on the foundation of skin so that both young and older customers can use it safely on the skin and to restore the natural beauty of all types of skin. It is a natural traditional herbal cosmeceutical brand which uses an effective herbal processing method to maximize the effectiveness of carefully-selected low irritant, skin-friendly natural herbal ingredients, and raw materials and to strengthen the skin’s power of restoring itself as applying its product more.

Woobo ATOCLASSIC is not simply herbal cosmetics. Core value lies in the quality of the ingredients. The herbal knowledge for beautiful skin which has been handed down from our ancestors is priceless.

#5 Urban healing with Lagom

Korean skincare Lagom cosmetics

Lagom cosmetics

Today, cosmetics are no longer categorized as ‘beauty’ products but as ‘lifestyle’ products. We all desire a beautiful and balanced life which is natural, healthy & eco-friendly. We all need to give our skin a break once a while to restore its healthy functions, the same way we drink detox juices and eat organic food. LAGOM strictly keeps ingredients to a minimum to provide only the moisture and nutrition that healthy skin needs. At the same time, it is giving the skin necessary break through a minimum-step skin care routine. Hence, the skin can relieve skin fatigue, restoring the skin’s recuperative power. Finally, the cosmetics soothe sensitive skin and restore luster and shine to dry skin.

We all want balanced beauty through the healing power of nature, the right spirit, and a healthy lifestyle. However, the reality is we often have a hectic life in the middle of a city. We love LAGOM as it is a beauty brand which moves away from rapidity to slowness, from complexity to simplicity, slowing down for fast healing effects. It adds scientific solutions Aqualicia to the original power of the skin, keeping it firm and healthy in the long term.

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