What are Skincare Sleeping Masks?

19th Sep 2017

What are Skincare Sleeping Masks?

One of the most amazing experiences I had when I started my journey with the Korean skincare was being able to test sleeping packs commonly called sleeping masks.

Sleeping masks are one of these beauty miracles that work overnight to help you wake up with more glowing, relaxed and younger looking skin. All of this can be achieved no matter how many hours of sleep you have had. How can we say no to such an effortless beauty routine?

What is the difference between a sleeping mask and a night cream?

As you know, a night cream is usually a cream with a thicker and richer texture than a day cream. It has nourishing, hydrating, soothing and skin barrier rebuilding properties.

Sleeping masks contain the nourishing and hydrating ingredients of night creams as well as offering properties similar to face masks and serums: skin barrier repair, brightening and anti-ageing.

Korean skin care: Abib Relaxing Sleeping Pack

What is so amazing about sleeping masks?

As mentioned, sleeping masks are an upgraded version of night creams, which contain the benefits of face masks and ampoules. As they stay on your face, they are fully absorbed by your skin like night creams.

Like every face mask and night cream, the main purpose of a sleeping mask is to tackle dehydrated and dull skin. In addition, like a serum it contains, extra ingredients which will provide you with anti-ageing, brightening effects. Depending on the type of a sleeping mask, on top of hyaluronic acid and humectants, it will contain antioxidants, peptides, and ceramides that will protect the skin from ageing and will tackle fine lines. Many sleeping masks will have also essential oils and herbal ingredients which will nurture and soothe the skin.

The sleeping masks were designed not to leave a greasy feeling on your face. They have a gel texture which is absorbed quickly so you do not have to worry about getting your pillow and hair greasy.

Who should use it?

Sleeping masks are great for every skin type.

If you have dry skin that is constantly thirsty, irritated and itchy, a sleeping mask will bring balance to your skin. If your skin is combination or oily, you can use a sleeping mask to tackle pigmentation issues and calm down redness on your face.

How does it work?

Every sleeping mask was designed to support your skin during sleep and use this ‘down time’ to allow your skin to soak up all the amazing ingredients; use it once or twice a week. Its application is simple. Just apply the product before bed as a last step of your evening routine. Wait a few minutes so your skin can fully absorb the product. Leave the mask on overnight and then wash it off in the morning as per your standard morning routine. Can it be any easier than that?

This product is a great SOS solution for anyone who had a late night out. After a few cocktails, your face may look tired and dehydrated the next morning. After returning home, clean your face, use a toner and apply thin layer of sleeping mask on your face. It will hydrate and provide moisture to your skin which will be dehydrated and irritated from wearing makeup all day long.

The sleeping mask can be also used during long haul flight as an alternative to a sheet mask and serum. It will lock moisture in your skin which will already be irritated by the dry air on the plane and you won’t have to worry about your hair getting greasy if you fall asleep.

What to expect?

Even the most sleep deprived skin will look more radiant and glowy. Your skin will feel relaxed, hydrated and redness-free.

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