What Does Skinsider Stand For?

6th Aug 2017

What Does Skinsider Stand For?

One of the most frequently asked questions is: How did you come up with the name of the company?

So here it is!
My search for a name was fully focused on the desire to pass and connect the name of my company with the values we stand for and link them to the skincare products we offer.
I was looking for a strong, sharp, professional and eye-catching name.
So here is the inside or maybe I should say formula of Skinsider.

SK for South Korean
SKIN for skincare products
INSIDER for someone who has in-depth information about the products we sell. I am not a beauty aesthetician or dermatologist. However, I do spend a lot of time building relationships with our business partners and experts from the skincare industry. I hope our product range and events/masterclasses we are working on, will be a great confirmation of the quality of products and services we want to offer you and the knowledge we want to share.

The name is followed by Discover Beauty Inside. I strongly believe that no matter what your skin type is, what skin concerns you struggle with, with our skincare products, if correctly selected and used, you can significantly improve your skin condition. We all strive to achieve this dewy Korean glow. However, our skin goes through ups and downs and it is important to observe and learn how to “read the skin” to give it what it needs.
No need to be perfect, awesome is enough! Unwrap k-beauty with us and discover beauty inside You.