UVA Sun Protection & Skincare

12th Jul 2017

UVA Sun Protection & Skincare

UV rays damage skin’s cellular DNA, either directly or through the production of free radicals. They create fine lines, sunburns and blemishes, damage collagen and elastin, becoming the main cause for skin’s premature ageing. That is why protecting skin from UV rays is the most crucial step in the Korean skincare routine. Luckily, nowadays we have sunscreens and BB/ CC creams that provide broad spectrum protection. If a product provides broad spectrum protection, it means that it passed the critical test to protect the skin from:

  • UVA rays that can penetrate deep into the skin’s surface releasing free radicals and cause DNA changes (UVA rays have almost the same intensity all year round, no matter if it is a sunny or cloudy day, that’s why it’s so crucial to wear sunscreen all year round)
  • UVB rays that reach the skin’s surface and cause tanning, burning and inflammation

Having this protection allows us to relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

If you love summer, you will definitely love our sunscreen collection!