I'm From Mugwort Gel Cleanser 150 ml; K-beauty at Skinsider
I'm From Mugwort Gel Cleanser 150 ml; Korean skincare product
I'm From Mugwort Gel Cleanser 150 ml; Korean gel cleanser for sensitive skin

I'm From Mugwort Gel Cleanser 150 ml

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Unveil the secret to gentle and effective cleansing with I'm From Mugwort Gel Cleanser – a skincare gem for all skin types, meticulously crafted in Korea. Infused with a generous 60% mugwort extracts, this mild Korean gel cleanser effortlessly sweeps away makeup and sunscreen while providing a soothing cleanse for your skin. Utilizing the innovative Cold Extraction Method, it preserves the potency of Ganghwa Mugwort's active ingredients, ensuring your skin reaps the full benefits without compromise.

Indulge in a soft gel-textured formula that goes beyond the surface, delving deep into pores to eliminate hidden impurities. Clinically proven non-irritant to human skin, this cleanser is a sanctuary for even the most sensitive skin types, promising a thorough yet gentle cleansing experience.

Elevate your skincare ritual with I'm From Mugwort Gel Cleanser – where purity meets efficacy, and your skin's radiance is unveiled with every cleanse.

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