Numbuzin No.8 Fine Cica Serum 50ml; Korean skincare product
Numbuzin No.8 Fine Cica Serum 50ml; Korean face serum

Numbuzin No.8 Fine Cica Serum 50ml

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Introducing the game-changing Numbuzin No.8 Fine Cica Serum - a Centella Asiatica powerhouse that fortifies your skin barrier, tames inflammation, and shields against aggressors.

Unleash antioxidant protection and the benefits of this rich cream-textured serum. It's your serum and cream, all in one.

Embrace the healing touch of Centella Asiatica, amplified by Niacinamide for natural ceramides and even-toned skin, and Madecassic Acid for wound healing and antioxidant magic.

Experience the ultimate skin transformation.

Size: 50ml

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