Pimple Patch

Here to help you in a pinch, and make sure you don’t even think about squeezing any spots, Skinsider has hand-picked pimple patches we think work wonders on problem areas during acne emergencies.

Whether you’re someone who has to take care of acne frequently, or you need something you can use in an acne emergency, make sure you get reliable pimple patches here at Skinsider.

Picture the scene. You’re getting ready for a big day out and have your outfit all sorted. You’ve just got out of the shower, stop to admire yourself in the mirror and notice a cheeky little spot has come to say hello. Instinctively, you might panic and squeeze it, causing more problems than you want, or you can pop on a pimple patch and let it work its magic.

At Skinsider, we have a small but effective range of pimple patches we think are great for protecting your skin and pampering you at the same time. If you need help choosing the right patch, here are some of the most question members of the Skinsider family have asked about our pimple patches.

Why are there only a few pimple patches on offer?

At Skinsider, we only stock products that we have used and trust. Some sites will overwhelm you with an endless list of patches, but you only need patches which ensure the affected area can be treated while staying clean. That’s why we view these particular products so highly.

What brands are known for reliable pimple patches?

We add new products from time to time, but the most reliable brands for patches include COSRX, By Wishtrend and Purito.

If you’ve ever squeezed a spot and woke up to find it is irritated, you’ll want to forego the urge and pop on a patch. Both these top-selling brands have patches containing hydrocolloid, which are great for helping absorb excess fluid around the spot to help reduce the chance it will stay red or get bigger.

When should I use a pimple patch?

Anytime you notice acne or a spot breaking out, you can use a patch to help prevent it from getting bigger and showing signs of redness.

The ideal time to pop on a pimple patch is at night just before you go to bed. You can put it on and wake up to hopefully see a big reduction in redness and irritation. These products are quite good because they’re breathable too, which lets them work away with reduced risk of dirt and air build-up.

Are these products only made for use once?

Don’t go thinking this is just one patch in the packet like a nose strip. You’ll find a sheet which has patches of different sizes to help cover different spots. The patches typically come in the following sizes:

• 10mm
• 12mm
• 14mm

Some packaging may also be resealable to prevent the risk of your patches drying out.

Which pimple patch is best for sensitive skin?

While both brands are great, Purito All Care Recovery Cica-Aid works well if you consider yourself as having very sensitive skin. It contains Asiaticoside, Madecassic acid and Asiatic acid, which help greatly with redness and inflammation.

I want to treat acne. What other products should I be looking at?

If you have acne issues, take a look at our acne section. It has a wide range of products from leading brands which help with all aspects of acne, especially if you’re prone to dry and itchy skin around breakout areas.

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    COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

    COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch protects a wounded or troubled area from getting worse and maintains the humidity of skin to prevent further breakouts. The product contains one sheet of patches with 24 patches. These little thin clear hydrocolloid...


    COSRX AC Collection Acne Patch

    The AC Collection Acne Patch is an oval shaped, highly adhesive acne patch suitable for covering several adjacent acne spots at once. These hydrocolloid patches infused with Centella Asiatica soothe and calm inflammation in acne, reduce chances of...


    COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch

    COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch is a set of amazing patches that tackle breakouts. The Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch is a clear hydrocolloid patch which when directly applied on a breakout/ pimple sticks to your skin and absorbs sebum. It fights...

  • By Wishtrend

    By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch

    By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch is a hydrocolloid acne patch that protects the skin against dirty water, dust, and physical contact. Hydrocolloid is a key ingredient. It pampers acne and blisters and prevents scars from infection. The thin,...

  • Some By Mi


    The SOME BY MI Clear Spot Patch is a set of waterproof yet breathable hydrocolloid patches that flatten pimples by absoring pus and protecting the wound against bacterial infection. The spot patch is suitable for daytime use as it can be used under your...

  • Pyunkang Yul

    Pyunkang Yul Clear Spot Patch

    Pyunkang Yul Clear Spot Patch is your new weapon in tackling acne and breakouts. It consists of 9 patches in size 10mm & 9 patches in size 12mm. This clear and thin hydrocolloid acne patch covers the troubled skin area and absorbs excess sebum...


    PURITO All Care Recovery Cica-Aid

    Purito All Care Recovery Cica-Aid is here to fight blemishes. Purito set contains 51 patches. Each patch is made of a high-grade hydrocolloid that absorbs fluid from the wound and creates a moist environment to help fast acne wounds recovery. It...