Atoclassic Cosmetics Will Take Your Skin Care to Another Level

23rd May 2018

Atoclassic Cosmetics Will Take Your Skin Care to Another Level

K-beauty industry brings us treatments which are becoming skincare trend and products which change the skin regimen forever. I am happy to introduce to you Atoclassic cosmetics, another game-changing Korean brand and “hanbang” treatment they offer.


In the Korean skin care terminology, hanbang is simply understood as “herbal treatment.” Despite being associated with traditional and herbal medicine, it’s still relevant to today’s skin issues. Hanbang clinics can be found easily in Korea and they still take a holistic approach to tackle skin issues. Their focus is on finding roots of skin issues and provide herbal treatments.

Hanbang skincare is using natural, balancing ingredients such as ginseng, green tea, lotus root, ginger, licorice, even deer antlers. Most of all, they are antioxidants with calming and anti-inflammatory properties. High dosage of these ingredients in Atoclassic cosmetics makes them very effective for every skin type and age and yet suitable for sensitive skin.

Atoclassic cosmetics

History of the brand

The Woobo Korean Clinic is a three generations old family practice. The first clinic was opened in 1912 and by now there are 15 clinics across Korea. The clinic has treated over 300,000 patients and became well- known dermatological centre. It specializes in treating various skin issues and focuses on natural, gentle for skin and soothing treatments. In 2014, the Woobo Clinic was recognised by the Korean Ministry as an outstanding dermatological clinic. It also holds an award from the National Assembly’s Health and Welfare Committee.

Atoclassic cosmetics are used in the Woobo Clinic. The same ingredients for treatments used in these clinics have been used to create Atoclassic cosmetics. Therefore the Real Tonics skincare range focuses on enhancing complexion in whole.

Herbal power of Atoclassic cosmetics

If you have sensitive skin, this range of cosmetics will be perfect for your skin. It doesn’t contain any harsh properties and instead, it contains anti-inflammatory natural ingredients. Therefore, the line will keep your skin calm, nourished and plum.

Each product within the Atoclassic line contains some hero ingredients. A list is impressive including:

  • Lithospermum Erythrorhizon Root which heals ageing spots. In addition, it has antiviral properties and detoxes by promoting blood circulation.
  • Korean Angelica promotes skin’s radiance.
  • Elm tree / Ulmus Davidiana root helps reduce puffiness, ageing spots and freckles.
  • Chrysanthemum Sinsese Flower extract is rich in flavonoids, hence, it has skin soothing properties.
  • Ginseng offers a vast range of properties, from anti-inflammatory to anti-ageing.
  • Panthenol and hyaluronic acid have excellent moisturizing properties.

The Atoclassic Real Tonic skincare products consist of a cleanser, an essence, a lotion and a cream. Furthermore, there are also sheet masks and most recently a toner has been added to the line. This toner from Atoclassic will be a perfect tool for the 7 Skin Method or the Toner Wash Method.

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