Have You Heard of the Skip-Care Skincare Trend?

5th Nov 2018

Have You Heard of the Skip-Care Skincare Trend?

Korean beauty is well known for making the wonders on the skin. It can consist of as many as 15 steps. Every product nurture the skin. However, famous 10 or 15 steps of the Korean skincare is something barely anyone has time for. No surprise that Koreans, especially millennials started promoting skip-care routine.

What is skip-care?

Skip-care concept is a response to a busy lifestyle we all have. It reflects a skin care method which focuses on identifying the essential ingredients your skin requires and eliminating unnecessary ingredients and products. Result? Simpler and quicker skincare routine.

This approach does not mean you give up on nourishment, hydration or preventative steps to protect your skin. This approach is about using fewer products without sacrificing results and achieving balanced skin. It is suitable for every age and skin type. The skip-care does not mean you have to quit from using your favourite serums or sheet masks. However, it will give you the solution to these moments in life you can not find time for more than just a basic skin-routine.

A perfect example of a skip-care is using hydrating toners to the 7 skin method. It is a great solution to minimize the skincare products and can satisfy the needs of a toner, an essence, and even a serum.

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How to start skip-care?

To start a skip-care it is worth finding the right multi-tasking products which will satisfy the needs of your skin. We recommend you focus on the functionality, texture and ingredients of skincare products.

Korean beauty Skip-care texture of cosmetics

Some inspiration for a skin-care

Here are some of our multi-taskers:

All in one cleanser

If your lifestyle does not allow you to go with the double cleansing then these cleansers will be suitable for you. They are strong enough to melt and remove makeup and impurities and still will not dehydrate your skin. For dry and sensitive skin test Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam which repairs and protects natural skin barrier. The MLE formula mimics the natural lipid structure creating an extra shield for your sensitive skin.

Does your skin get dehydrated easily? Grab Lagom Cellus Micro Foam Cleanser . This cleanser removes impurites hkeeping skin balanced and fresh. Atoclassic Real Tonic Soothing Multi Cleanser will be perfect for problematic skin which struggles with breakouts and irritation. It is a blend of root and herbal extracts including Chrysanthemum, aloe and other roots, leaf and fruit extracts which calm and nourish skin.

Skip-care Atoclassic Real Tonic Soothing Multi Cleanser

Mist and toners

We call them beauty waters as mists and toners can be used as a toner to the 7 skin method or a mist to refresh your skin during the day. These can be applied on makeup. Whether you go with 100% pure and natural rose water locked in Urang Rose ph Balancing Mist or Lagom Cellus Mist Toner which has anti-ageing and anti-pollution properties, your skin will be hydrated and protected.

skip-care Lagom Cellus Mist Toner

Mask/night cream or a daily moisturiser

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is unique as it can be a mask, night cream or daily moisturiser for dry skin.

If your skin can get dehydrated or thirsty due to cold weather, stressful time or simply lack of sleep, use the mask as a sleeping mask. After a few stressful days, we use this mask more frequently as a night cream. In addition, Wishtrend recommends using this mask as a daily moisturiser for dry skin types,. Use it as a daily moisturiser until your skin achieve desired balance.

skip-care Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

For those permanent skin issues

Cica creams took the market by the storm and they do not plan to leave. The Real Barrier Cicarelief Cream is a soothing protective cream that gives prompt improvement and soothing effect by controlling the skin troubles. Hence, it is perfect for the skin when it becomes rough due to the external environment factors. If you struggle with eczema, psoriasis etc. this is a cream you want to add to your routine as well.

skip-care Real Barrier Cica relief cream

Urang Multi Balm contains organic seed oils packed with skin-benefiting vitamins and minerals. It tackles dry patches, speeds up the healing process and reduces the risk of scarring including acne scars. We use this balm as a moisturizer for chapped lips. It also softens dry cuticles or skin on rough elbows. In addition, as per Jina’s (CEO of Urang) recommendation, we recently started using it also in the under-eye area to tackle fine lines and also dark circles.

Korean skincare Urang cosmetics

Want more inspirations? Take a look at the simplistic k-beauty skin care.