Jkosmmune & the Power of Beta-Glucan

Posted by Skinsider Team on 24th Apr 2020

Jkosmmune & the Power of Beta-Glucan

Today we are sharing review from Emma, one of our panelists who had a chance to test Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune products.

Normally, we would travel to the Skinsider offices to film our reviews. Obviously right now, that’s not possible so instead I’m bringing you a post with the products I’ve recently been testing.

Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune – Beta Glucan Recovery Serum

This is possibly the most serious looking skincare I’ve used in a long time.

The hero ingredient of this range is ‘beta glucan’. I gave the ingredient a Google and found it was great for skin soothing and had a lot of antioxidant properties.

Reading up on this serum it ticks all the boxes of what I’m looking for in a serum. It renews a damaged skin barrier, helps with skin tone and improves skin elasticity.

Add to Wishlist Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Recovery Serum
Add to Wishlist Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Recovery Serum

Sadly I couldn’t find this on CosDNA but the ingredients are minimal (including one of my favourite ingredients CA Extract):

Water, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Beta Glucan, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Butylene Glycol

The serum itself is thin, clear and soaks into the skin incredibly well. There’s no noticeable scent to it and one pump does the whole face nicely. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, but without feeling like there’s a layer of something on my skin.

Using this twice a day my skin felt great. It felt (and looked) soft and plump. I could really feel it working and got comments on how my skin looked when I was using it.

Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturiser
Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturiser

Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune – Luminous Skin Defence Moisturiser

From the same range as the serum, I also received the moisturiser. This is another ‘beta glucan’ containing product and I had similar results to when using the serum. When used separately these work well but together, they’re even better.

Again, this product is all about hydration, and brightening the skin tone. It, too, contains one of my favourite ingredients – Centella Asiatica Extract.

This is more like a gel cream than a typical moisturiser, so I would recommend this for use mainly in Spring/Summer. I used it over the Winter and while I liked it, I didn’t find it rich enough for my combination skin in the cooler months. Just like with the serum, I did find it plumped and smoothed my skin.

There’s not a huge amount of ingredients in this either, and it fares really well on CosDNA.

It’s a great soothing, anti-ageing moisturiser that is perfect for the warmer months and will be added to the repurchase list.

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About the author:
Emma Lethbridge

"After gaining a Law degree I decided I no longer wanted to be a lawyer and ended up in retail instead! After spending some time as a Store Manager for Boots I’m currently an Assistant Buyer for Sainsbury’s Argos. Outside of work I’m usually either working out, running my beauty & lifestyle blog or making stationery for my Etsy store. As I’m always busy I love to take the time out to relax and look after my skin.

I love beauty and it’s one of my biggest passions/weaknesses!"

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