Sharing the Skinsider Journey

17th Aug 2020

Sharing the Skinsider Journey

Three years ago we started an amazing journey. We are not slowing down. It is our 3rd week of 3rd B-Day celebrations and we have some more news and treats for you.

Journey of our Team

Those of you who know us can confirm that we are not afraid to challenge, test, and change as a company. We are consistent and always aim to work with the best. Also, we engage in the most interesting projects.

We wanted to share with you some of our activities we have been participating in as individuals and company. It is also the time for us to support those matters officially!

We decided to officially support two charities that work on problems close to our hearts and continue the initiatives we started in the past.

Going greener

Our co-founders have been privately involved in events fighting plastic pollution in the oceans for over 10 years.
Since day one at Skinsider, we were promoting the sustainable and eco-friendly approach to beauty and skincare. As promised, we have been continuing our efforts to limit our footprint on the natural environment, making our activities even more eco-friendly. We have more to share about our operations here “Skinsider Cares“.

Now it is time to support others. Hence, we are extremely excited to officially support Plastic Oceans UK. As studies show more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean each year. Plastic Oceans UK is an organization developing tools, resources and activities that will inspire people to live more sustainably with plastic.

Pollution Plastic

Supporting other women

Our CEO Karolina was involved in supporting women in achieving equal work standards and opportunities at work. It is important that, especially during the pandemic, everyone is treated equally.

Hence the second organisation which we decided to support is Rosa, the UK fund for women and girls. This foundation supports a diverse range of women’s organisations each working to tackle the issues of our time. Their work falls under four pillars that make up a movement for social change: leadership & representation, economic justice, health & wellbeing and safety.

We are committed to fulfilling our Equality Statement and will be keeping You posted about our actions!


It is a good time to spoil you! We are now adding our chic and earth-friendly Skinsider bag to every order over £30 to help you or someone you give the bag become more eco-friendly.

This treat will last till the end of August 2020 or until stock last.*

*The Skinsider bag will be added automatically to your shopping cart with an order value of £30+. Check it here.

Sharing the journey
Sharing the journey/Skinsider Bag