The 5 Most Underestimated Skincare Products

10th Nov 2017

The 5 Most Underestimated Skincare Products

For years, women were focusing on assessing only their skin type. Then they were following the same skin routine for years.

Even now, in the already saturated skincare market, we prefer to use well known and already tested formulas. It is always better to apply a product we are familiar with, right? The sad reality is that we often ignore some of the amazing skincare products and their incredible hero ingredients which could bring our skin the desired dewy glow.

Below we share with you five skin care products that deserve your immediate attention.


For a very long time, the women in Western countries believed that oil-based cleansers can be harmful to the skin and clog up pores. We have already busted this myth in the past. Still, to refresh your memory, the oil-based cleanser is one of the hero products within the Korean skin regimen that keeps the skin clean and fresh without stripping it of its natural oils. Oil-based cleansers are designed to clean and soothe your skin and protect its natural barrier.

Oh, and did you know that their formula is perfect for acne prone skin as well? Try our Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil.


This is probably the most underestimated product of all. We have read and watched so many blogs and comments in the magazines, saying it is worth ditching this step from your skin routine. The reality is that you are eliminating a quick and amazing step which rebalances your skin’s pH. Toners will hydrate, soothe and moisturise your skin. If you’re looking to incorporate it into your routine, try LAGOM Cellus Mist Toner.

And if you have not heard, check here the stunning power of toner in the 7 Skin Method.


In a 10-step Korean skincare routine, an essence is used after toner and before serum as an extra layer of hydration. We like to call it your skin’s primer. Hydrated skin is firmer, plumper and glowy.

Good news! We have done our research in Korea and have found the best of the best products for you. An essence, like the Urang True Rose Repair Essence creates a protective film for the skin to keep it health, moisturised, nourished and balanced.


Did you know that your skin’s natural self-repair time is actually when you sleep? The magic hours between 10pm and 2am is the time when the skin undergoes natural regeneration. How about you support the natural process and not only have a solid night sleep but also give your skin a loving touch of a rich and yet lightweight sleeping mask? These beauty hero products will give your skin everything it needs; from hydration to anti-ageing properties. See how you can incorporate a sleeping mask to you evening routine by visiting our sleeping beauty department.


Sunscreen is one of those beauty products which we forget to apply when the dull autumn and winter time arrives in Europe. Days are shorter, and sometimes it is hard to even get few hours of dry weather. And yet UV rays are as strong as during the summer. Physical sunscreens will protect your skin not only from invisible UV rays but also from free radicals and pollution. Try our urban best seller Lagom Cellus Sun Gel and make it part of your everyday skin routine.