​What does lotus water do for the skin? Top reasons to add it to your skin rituals

Posted by Skinsider Team on 25th Sep 2022

​What does lotus water do for the skin? Top reasons to add it to your skin rituals

Lotus flower water has become a popular ingredient in the skincare industry. Although it has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, many people still do not know the benefits it can offer. Keep reading to learn all about this ingredient and how to use it in your Korean skincare routine.

What is Lotus?

“Nelumbo Nucifera” is what you will see on ingredient labels, but it is also known as a water lily. Lotus is an aquatic, perennial plant with amazing wide leaves and various coloured flowers (pink lotus, blue lotus, and white lotus).

Lotus flower blooms gracefully above the mud and murky waters. It has the fabulous ability to self-purify and self-cleanse.

Lotus Water Skin Benefits

Lotus is more than just a beautiful flower.

It is a restorative and toxin-absorbing plant packed with antioxidants. Lotus flower contains “Kaempferol,” a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals and helps regulate and balance your skin.

Here are some of the natural skin benefits of the lotus flower that will help you achieve glowing and youthful skin.

Anti-ageing properties

Lotus helps in improving the elasticity of the skin and therefore reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin look plumper. How does it work? Lotus is a good source of antioxidants. It helps in cell turnover and promotes the growth of new skin cells. The antioxidants, flavonoids and polysaccharides in lotus help in fighting the free radicals that keep damaging the skin. Regularly used, lotus extracts infused skincare products bring more youthful skin and prevent it from further damage.

Brightening agent

Lotus extract gives significant brightening effects as well. This is because Lotus Flower is naturally packed with vitamins A, B, C and various other minerals that help in making the skin complexion brighter. Especially Vitamins A and C help in improving the discolouration of the skin tone caused by acne scars, blemishes or sun damage. Result? Radiant, clear and hydrated skin.

Acne prevention

Lotus is known for its oil-balancing and purifying properties.

It will be great for those with oily and acne-prone skin. By controlling sebum and purifying the pores, the lotus water helps minimize the appearance of pores.

Lotus also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties will keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.

Remedy for dry and flaky skin

Lotus provides instant and intense hydration to the skin without creating a risk of breakouts or side effects. Nelumbo nucifera not only extracts toxins out of your skin but also replenishes it with moisture. As it is a plant-based ingredient, the lotus flower extract is exceptionally gentle.

Lotus water as a skin soothing superhero

Many parts of the lotus flower have been used in natural and herbal medicine to treat inflammation and heal wounds. This flower’s ability to restore is amazing.

In skincare, lotus is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing the irritation and redness of the skin. As it penetrates deep into the skin it acts fast inside out. Lotus Flower also helps skin heal from wounds such as acne scars and inflammation.

Is lotus water extract good for your face?

The short answer is yes.

Lotus extract contains vitamins and antioxidants that help moisturize, cleanse and smoothen skin, as well as fight early signs of ageing and free radical damage.

The easiest way to enjoy the skin benefits of lotus water is by reaching for the right skincare products. And yes, we selected the best of the best Korean skincare for you.

Korean skincare infused with lotus water

Rovectin Skin Essential Aqua Concentrate is a skin-brightening moisturizer that deeply penetrates the skin to deliver intense hydration. Nelumbo Nucifera flower extract is full of vitamin C and B complex, antioxidants, and nourishes and brightens the skin. This gentle moisturiser is suitable for sensitive and oily skin types.

Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream with a whopping 75% of lotus water, it removes toxins out of your skin for a clearer and cleaner complexion. Kaempferol helps restore balance and has anti-ageing properties. This Korean face cream is perfect to prevent signs of ageing as it contributes to better skin elasticity and revitalizes it. It is perfect for dry, normal, sensitive, combination, and oily skin. It tackles dryness and dullness.

By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence is a skin booster that is your go-to Korean skin essence offering anti-inflammatory, anti-pollution, and anti-bacterial effects to keep your skin healthy and lively. 8.7% Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract with Black Tea and Honey creates a powerful blend of moisturizing effects on the skin. It has a non-sticky; watery texture that absorbs quickly and prepares the skin well for the following skincare steps. Perfect to treat skin troubles.

Mary & May Vegan Blackberry Complex Cream Essence is a nutritious cream in a refreshing form of an essence. Blue lotus has an excellent moisturizing and soothing effect that makes the skin moist and elastic. Good for all ages and skin types.

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence featherlight texture of this Korean sun cream sinks immediately to the skin. It is perfect for the needs of oily and combination skin. Hydrating and calming Lotus Water calms and comforts sensitive skin whilst soy lipids and purslane extracts help to protect and support the skin’s natural barrier. 

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